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  • water is crucial to our survival, in fact a new born baby is 75 percent water but as

  • you grow elder, that number reduces to 60 or 55 percent.

  • But that's still a significant number, so what would happen if you suddenly stopped

  • drinking water?!

  • Water is like a fuel to most of your organs, it helps your brain to function properly,

  • lowers your blood pressure, and strengthens your muscles!

  • But since your brain is 75% water, it's the first organ to suffer out of dehydration.

  • Even if you avoid water for a single day, your brain will literally start to shrink.

  • It will have to work harder to survive since your energy level is going to be low.

  • So even a simple task will suddenly be difficult for you to perform.

  • You will be in a bad mood, you will start loosing your ability to concentrate and most

  • importantly you are going to suffer from a memory loss!

  • Your body will try to survive with minimum water thats available within you, so your

  • skin will get dry, you will start feeling tired and dizzy!

  • After 3 days without water, your organs will have a difficult time to survive, in fact

  • they will start to shut down one after another.

  • In other words, you will slowly start dying.

  • Most people won't even survive more than 3 days.

  • (make it more than 3 days)

  • So even 1 day without water can have significant negative consequences.

  • That doesn't mean you have to constantly keep drinking water, because over-hydration

  • can also hurt you.

  • Despite the importance of water to our survival, almost 800 million people don't even have

  • access to clean water , thats more than twice the population of united states, and up to

  • 8 million people die annually because of that!

  • So if you have clean water to drink, thats already something to be grateful for.

  • But, How Much Water Should you Drink a Day!

  • Unfortunately there isn't an exact answer, since there are a lot of factors to consider

  • such as your age, weight, height and so on.!

  • A person who does a lot of physical work needs more water than the one who is in front of

  • the computer all the day!

  • But in general, its something between 2.5 liters a day for woman and 3.5 liters for man!

  • The best time to drink water is when you just wake up since you haven't been hydrated

  • for the last 7 or 8 hours!

  • By the way, at least one fifth of your water is going to come from the food that you eat!

  • Don't overcomplicate it, simply keep a bottle of water with you all the time and drink whenever

  • you feel thirsty!

  • So keep drinking and stay awesome!

water is crucial to our survival, in fact a new born baby is 75 percent water but as

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What Happens if You Stop Drinking Water

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