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  • Hi there, I'm just checking my diary for my lessons for today

  • and, having just come back from a trip to England

  • I realise how often we use the word - check -

  • so I thought I'd do a quick 5 minute lesson just to give some

  • just to give you some phrases with the obvious

  • and the less obvious uses of the word check

  • I hope you will like this video

  • and do look at some of my other videos in the channel

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  • so I'm going to write up on the board some phrases now

  • and, bear with me... keep watching until the end of the video

  • and I will say the phrases

  • with voice intonation for the pronunciation

  • and also I'll explain the context if it's not obvious

  • OK then, I've written up these phrases...I want to say them with my normal voice intonation

  • and then I'll explain them...they are I think.. mostly fairly obvious

  • but...I'll explain them anyway

  • so here's the first one

  • right if they're not already clear

  • I'm going to explain them

  • I'm going to add some captions down there

  • if you want to turn the captions on

  • you will see the explanation with subtitles

  • which I've added

  • OK then..let's do the first one

  • now in this context and in many contexts similar to this

  • you are going to control that something has arrived or

  • or is present or that something has been done

  • this is the idea of controlling something to see whether it has been done or something has arrived

  • so that's very can say in any sentence

  • if you're not sure about if something has been done or arrived

  • I'll check

  • now this check out is different from number 3 which is the obvious...- check out of a hotel -

  • this check out is interesting because it's so common when

  • people are trying to draw your attention to go and look at something

  • very often it's an advertiser

  • but it could just be a friend who wants to suggest that you go and look at something

  • ...'go and check out the new film with Brad Pitt...'

  • its drawing your attention to go and look at something which you may be interested in

  • I think this is a good one...and you see it everywhere

  • this is the most obvious one of them all..I think......

  • you've all been in hotels and when you check out of the hotel

  • you go and pay at reception and then you leave after your visit or after your stay

  • now this one is slightly different from check in.....check into

  • it means that you are going to investigate something

  • again, it's similar to controlling, but it's more investigate

  • somebody wants some don't have the answer immediately

  • so you go and investigate and then you will call them and give them the information

  • so you're going to check into the matter or check into the situation and then resolve the problem..if it's a problem

  • so that's a slightly different check into

  • and regarding this 'check'

  • now this means, rather than to see if something has arrived,

  • it means control whether something is as it should be

  • where someone or you have to check something is as you want it or as it must be

  • so that's a good one and slightly different from seeing if something has arrived

  • and all know this one...if you have flown in an airplane

  • you will have checked in your bags at the check-in desk

  • before you go through security....and it means precisely that

  • that you give your bags that you want to send in the hold of the airplane

  • that is....not take into the cabin, which is called a cabin bag or hand luggage

  • so this means that you check it in..give your bags to be sent in the hold

Hi there, I'm just checking my diary for my lessons for today

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Learn English - 6 English sentences with check - speak English with phrasal verbs


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