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  • like you said when there's a proximity to the truth, it pulls in all of this amazingly positive energy to U S O troupe.

  • You think about the word if you think about the word purpose If you've got if you've got a purpose, Purpose creates corporation.

  • Corporation is a body of people that will come together for a purpose.

  • So purposes intrinsic In the Old Testament, the word purpose was the word purpose was logos.

  • It was logos.

  • It meant logos and literally meant the word of God.

  • So when we find purpose, were literally finding the key stones of the universe, we're finding we are cleaving to God.

  • So when we find purpose, we have a strong purpose to do something the universe literally conspires and all of its elements to help us to achieve what we want to achieve so purposes the word of God.

  • So if anybody is struggling out there, my purpose and I was a kid, which was an accident, which was when I find the truth, I'm gonna tell everybody I'm gonna be brave and tell everybody that was my purpose when I triggered on the purpose receive in order to share If we receive in order to have for ourselves.

  • We never sated.

  • We fall into the evil inclination We fall into the negative side in Judaism.

  • They call it the seat Akra.

  • The adverse forces on everything.

  • We can have all of the material things.

  • But it consumes us and we never happy.

  • If we start to work because we genuinely want to pass on something to other people, we will become a vessel will become, um, a temple for it.

  • It's one of the lovely lines in the Old Testament.

  • Tell them to create a temple and I will dwell with um I love that.

  • Tell them to create a temple and I will dwell with them.

  • How do we create a temple?

  • The moment I want to serve you?

  • I have created a temple.

  • The moment I create a temple, I will receive all of these amazing forces and now come through and they will serve you.

  • But of course, I've got Thio.

  • They've got to saturate every one of my trillions of cells.

  • They've got to be processed through me.

  • So I get I get to cleave to God.

  • I get to experience the universe at the absolute just by serving you in Judaism, they would call this.

  • They would say The person you serve is a charity carrier.

  • He will allow you to experience God to serve him.

  • So it's not you doing him a favor.

  • He's doing you a favor.

  • So the rabbis would say, There's a guy on there than there begging for some money and for some food.

  • Let me be the first to earn credit from him.

  • Let me be the first to experience God when I served him.

  • He's a charity carrier, so everything starts to get reversed.

  • So the purpose You're absolutely right.

  • Find the purpose and the purpose.

  • What you will find a corporation will develop around you.

  • The most miraculous things will happen.

  • But you have to have the courage all the way because these adverse forces do not wanna be consumed.

  • They do not want to be revealed because if if they are consumed or they're revealed and people know about them, then they can't use their greatest tool, which is artifice.

  • They don't want you to know.

  • There there the devil was never so happy as when people said he didn't exist.

  • These aerial forces, when we feel opposition.

  • We know we're under something very powerful, so we have to call on all of our positive elements, all of our angelic guides.

  • And if you look at the angelic guides or the spirits, the different levels, the angelic guards, or just really higher levels of understanding, you could look at it as an angel with wings if you want.

  • But it's actually just means a nella vacated level of knowing my protection isn't the fact that I've got a big right cross.

  • My protection is my certainties, my certainties of corn because I've reclaimed parts of me that we're ignorant.

  • And that's been my whole journey on your journey on London riel.

  • Um, to pass on information to help people is exactly the same thing.

  • We want to pass on information because information, if people act on it, eyes their protection.

  • When we recognize that kindness automatically connects us to the goodness in the universe, we start to recognize that kindnesses of protection when I'm kind toward the people that forms a protective a protective shield around me.

  • So, of course it encourages me to want to be kind, and it encourages me to look at all the parts of me that aren't kind on get rid of them, convert them, either get rid of them or convert them.

  • And all I need to do to convert them is watch when they rise up.

  • If I don't engage them, if I don't emotionally identify with them, they are just conceptualized any energy forms that will dissipate and just fall back into the void.

  • I'll go back into the singularity.

  • Wherever goes into the singularity, doesn't come back out.

  • Whatever comes out of the singularity and that's the nurse can become anything.

  • And that's what mean You are guests and people like Dorian and trying to show people.

  • You know, Look, I'm doing London real and look how you know all your kids out there.

  • They're amazing.

  • They're lovely, you know.

  • And this whole set up is incredible.

  • It's all come from this single celled amoeba oven idea.

  • And look at my 50 books and my plays and films and all of these different things.

  • They come from those little sparks of ideas that I sit down and develop into projects.

  • But because my purpose is to serve people with information, the corporation comes around me and I get great people like you saying, Come on my show.

  • Let me put you in front of all of these different people that happens naturally.

  • I just have to have the courage them to know that when I come to see you, there will be forces trying to stop me from seeing you for two reasons.

  • One, they're going to be consumed in the volition of me talking to They're gonna There's gonna be a level of exposure.

  • Wow.

  • My, my worship my wife.

like you said when there's a proximity to the truth, it pulls in all of this amazingly positive energy to U S O troupe.

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