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  • The truth is, Mrs Wiggins probably had ah couple, maybe a small taste of drugs in her earlier days.

  • But she doesn't remember those.

  • And maybe now thinks that no one should should have them.

  • You know, we are a little hypocritical sometimes even this humans, I think, when it comes to this subject.

  • Yeah, Bob, You know, if Mrs making these site 80 and living in the Cotswolds, then I very much doubt she had a dabble to be perfectly frank.

  • Okay, the You know, the the cocaine explosion was in the eighties.

  • Ecstasy came a little bit after that.

  • I'm prior to that.

  • So drugs were so often the preserve off some in the entertainment industry or those who could afford it, who lived, entitled and privileged lives on had the necessary connections on.

  • I came across all of those kind of people during my time, even to the point that but one point when I was at Scotland Yard on the Central drug squad up there, I had an informant get in touch with me and said, I can hand you Princess Margarets, cocaine dealer on a plate, right?

  • And I said, All right, that's very interesting my young 25 enthusiastic mind, right?

  • Got completely carried away.

  • I'm rather excited at the thought of crashing through the gates of Buckingham Palace, a nick in Princess Margaret, drug dealer on his way to serve her up.

  • You know, I had the identity and all of that got lots more information from this informant who tried to convince me that this information was absolutely genuine.

  • And I thought, Well, this is gonna be worth investigating and exploring to see whether it's truthful or not on our job was to arrest drug dealers.

  • So I typed up what I knew.

  • Quite literally old school type, right?

  • This is that long ago, you know, typed it all up, Did the report took it into my bosses to come on.

  • Let's go on Nick, Princess Margaret's drug dealer.

  • That would be a bit of fun with it.

  • Buckingham Palace kicking doors down and all that, um, anyway gave the report to my bosses at Scotland Yard.

  • Funnily enough, I've never heard anything more about that.

  • It all seemed disappearing or black hole, but And what did you learn from that experience?

  • There you go.

  • I was too busy.

  • I was out making another data the following day, or working undercover or screeching through the streets of London or the home counties or West, However, it might have been my wife, Wild, my wife.

The truth is, Mrs Wiggins probably had ah couple, maybe a small taste of drugs in her earlier days.

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FAVOURITISM IN THE POLICE: Why Being Privileged Can Help You Escape The Law - Peter Bleksley

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