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  • Boeing.

  • Hi.

  • Would you like to learn some pronunciation?

  • I would.

  • I think I did.

  • Okay.

  • Today we're going to do one more.

  • Another vowel sound.

  • These two vowel sounds are very similar.

  • But once you get the trick easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

  • So here we are in the Phanatic International world of alphabets, There's this symbol that looks like in A and e getting together.

  • The other sound looks like and a sort of, but it's not, Um, I have never learned the international phonetic alphabet.

  • If you have learned that you're lucky all systems go would I know.

  • And what I will teach you is my brain.

  • This is on a sound, and this is an all sound.

  • The very, very important thing is that you use your mouth when you talk all the time.

  • This word your mouth is open a little bit, and it's Ah, Uh huh.

  • When we say this word or this letter, it's a Oh, uh, you're gonna make your mouth from a no sound and drop it open.

  • Uh, so it's, uh ah, Let's try this.

  • The first ones that we're going to dio are the ah sound.

  • This is a relaxed mouth.

  • Your mouth is open, not as wide auras azi other one.

  • So we're gonna try this bag.

  • Bag, hat, hat.

  • Dan.

  • Dan Dan is a male name.

  • It has a capital.

  • Every time you see a capital letter in the English alphabet, it's because it's a proper noun.

  • It's a person's name or place.

  • Name.

  • Dan.

  • The next word is caps, caps.

  • Well, Cat, cat.

  • You'll notice when I'm saying these my mouth opens and closes quickly.

  • The next word is sac Sack.

  • Let's review this bag hat Dan caps cat and sack.

  • Next, we're going to go on to the other Sound this song song?

  • Yeah, sound.

  • Let's see that this sound is when your mouth has to be open.

  • Start with the oh and drop it.

  • Bog bog, Your mouth is very loose and open.

  • Bog heart Who heart Dawn?

  • Dawn again.

  • This is a male name.

  • It can be a female name, too, because it begins to the capital Letter.

  • Cops, cops, Cops is a slang word for police caught caught caught is a little bed that you can pull out in an emergency and have a snooze or sleep on caught.

  • And the last word is sock socks are things you wear on your feet sometimes in the winter to keep your toes warm, They go under your shoes.

  • Do you wear socks?

  • Is kind of important in the wintertime in Canada.

  • So the next thing that we're going to do is we're going to contrast the two sounds The first time I contrast the sounds.

  • I'm going to do it in a very exaggerated way to help you.

  • I want you to repeat the second time we do it.

  • I'm gonna say it in a more natural way to help you improve your listening.

  • So you're doing pronunciation and listening today at the same time.

  • Lucky you.

  • Let's go.

  • Ready?

  • Don't.

  • The first word is bag, bog bag Bog.

  • We're number two hat, heart hat, Hot Dan Dawn Dan Dawn caps, Cops, caps Cops now cat caught, cat caught.

  • And the last one sack sock sack sock.

  • This time, when I compare the two, I'm going to do it in a more natural way to help with your yngling listening bag.

  • Bog hat hot.

  • Then don caps, cops, cat caught sack sock.

  • If you pay attention to your mouth, how far it opens, you're going to be able to pronounce these words like a regular English speaker.

  • Till then, Toodles.


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