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  • Subtitle: I AM CAT

  • Hey guys! Me and Rachel were walking around Shibuya looking for a purikura machine

  • and we found the most amazing purikura machine EVER

  • The perfect one for us

  • This is the Crazy Cat Lady Purikura Machine

  • I'm not even joking, it's like actually called that

  • What's the name of this thing?

  • Mew: The Cat Style Beauty Project

  • Wait till you guys see how awesome this thing is

  • So yeah! Let's take some pictures!

  • Choose how many full body shots you would like

  • Alright guys it's time to go decorate the stickers now

  • The most important part

  • Yeah, let's go!

  • I think this one looks creepier this way!

  • Ohh these are awesome.

  • Hilarious.

  • This machine is really cool

  • You can change the size of your eyes differently for each picture

  • If you naturally have big eyes I would recommend the smallest one

  • Omg even the stamps are crazy cat lady stamps

  • I'm so excited

  • Omg

  • My name is cat!

  • Oh that's not big enough

  • Yes, you need to be assertive


  • Subtitle: I AM CAT

  • #CAT

  • Omg I'm dying xD;

  • This is the best purikura EVER INVENTED guys

  • Are you ready for the results?

  • So, that was the coolest purikura machine in the world!

  • If you guys wanna take some crazy cat lady purikura of your own...

  • it's located in Shibuya, at the Maruhan building

  • I'll put a Google Map link or something down below so you guys can find it

  • But it's super close to the station

  • So if you're ever in Shibuya you can go find it

  • But I don't know how long this crazy cat lady purikura is gonna be around

  • because there was no one in it but us

  • No one looked very interested in it

  • We'll have to keep going back everyday

  • I bet ya they're gonna get rid of it, which is really sad

  • because that was probably my most exciting purikura experience to date

  • Probably.

  • Alright guys, thanks for watching, bye!!


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Japanese Photo Booth for Crazy Cat People 最近のプリクラってすごいなぁ

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    Summer posted on 2020/10/15
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