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  • I mean, just to think about the happiness thing.

  • I mean, I grew up not far from you, Southern California, San Diego.

  • And for some reason, when I was a kid, I think it got etched in my mind.

  • I always called the American Dream, but I thought that when I had money, I would be happy.

  • I don't know why I used to have dreams.

  • I was rich and wake up and realize we weren't.

  • But for me, that was kind of etched in my mind.

  • And, you know, I went down that road for a long time, but I could never It never satisfied me.

  • And so, you know, you know, I went to a good school and I was working on Wall Street.

  • And then, you know, in my thirties, I think I was looking for other things to make me happy.

  • Got involved in alcohol and drugs.

  • And then when I finally got to London, I was still 40 years old, working in the city here, which is the Wall Street equivalent doing really well.

  • And I noticed one day that my bank account kept going up every quarter because they would pay us every quarter the business.

  • I was working and I wasn't get any happier.

  • I was alone in this big house with no family.

  • Still trying to, like, drink myself to death.

  • And I was just like, this isn't working.

  • And that's why we're talking here today because I decided to make a change.

  • And it was because I started being of service.

  • And I always thought those were the corny people ed, that we're up service, you know, three other thing you became that all happy people have.

  • Brother is more self aware.

  • I lived completely unaware of who I waas un observing of who I waas for so many years thinking I'd get around to it.

  • The happiest people I know are very aware, their self deprecating you know, they have realized I'm a very average ordinary person.

  • I grew up like you.

  • I thought there wasn't a lot of happiness around me.

  • So it must be in those beach houses.

  • It must be on those jets.

  • And by the way, there are those things they do make you happy.

  • People say material things don't make you happy.

  • That's just a lie.

  • Any of you ever bought a beautiful suit like you're wearing makes you happy.

  • For how long?

  • I don't know.

  • Does it fulfill us though, which is a completely different emotion.

  • No services.

  • What fulfills us?

  • But I did Catalyst, who has building my first big mansion dream house.

  • And I met my wife as I told you when we were five years old.

  • So it was a family project, and we walk in one day.

  • I'm having a bad, damn mad at everybody.

  • Business isn't going good, you know, Appointments that flaked out, walk in the house and they're building it.

  • I'll never forget this.

  • They were in the kitchen building the kitchen, this huge, great room.

  • I walked in and I'm pissed yelling it.

  • Bane sticking out.

  • And all the guys working in my house were in Southern California.

  • You know, this is well, the vast majority of people that were working on my home were from Mexico, Whether they were there legally or not, I don't know, but they were working.

  • There's about 15 guys working in my house, all making minimum wage.

  • All had left their families at one point and they're playing mariachi music.

  • They're laughing, their dancing, their joyous as they're working and I stopped myself with my wife.

  • It'll make me too emotional to talk too long about it.

  • And I looked and I thought, If life is measured on happiness, these guys air killing me, they're building my mansion.

  • My veins were sticking out of my neck.

  • I'm miserable.

  • They're making minimum wage.

  • It's 100 degrees.

  • They're working in my house, building my kitchen and they're singing and dancing and loving each other and having a blast.

  • Happy to be here and I'm miserable.

  • And this is my damn house.

  • What the hell is wrong with me?

  • And that was a real turning point for me, where I like, What do they know?

  • I don't.

  • And what they were doing is I was always projecting forward.

  • It was always the future.

  • I never lived.

  • Now, you know, I didn't always live in the past.

  • I'm not one of those big.

  • That part of comparison is not my thing, But I never live now.

  • They were living right now because they don't even know what their future is.

  • What a great gift toe live right now And be grateful for that moment that work that song, that buddy of theirs working next to them.

  • And I started to just slow down my appreciation for the moment.

  • And that's really changed my life.

  • And I can't tell you that I still don't revert back because I do.

  • But I do it much less because I am self aware.

  • I catch myself when I do it.

  • My, my, my wife.

  • Why don't you want stop my wife?

I mean, just to think about the happiness thing.

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LIVE IN THE MOMENT: How You Should Be More Self-Aware In Order To Be Happy - Ed Mylett

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