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  • Hi, my name is Nicole.

  • In this video, we're going to be talking about the top five differences between Korean and American shopping.

  • Now the first one is made in Korea.

  • When you go in Korea, most of the garments and the close when you look at the label it says made in Korea, most of the everything here is made in Korea.

  • Now in America, you look at the labels and you look at everything and it says, Made in China or made in Mexico, every other country except for America.

  • It's not very common to buy American made clothing.

  • The next one are little shops now here in Korea, you walk around and you go to the subway station or you go and walk around by your house.

  • And there are many little shops or boutiques that sell clothing or handbags or socks, and you can get whatever you want at many different little stores.

  • Now in America, you go and you can Onley goto the mall, and the mall is three stories off 100 stores, and it has everything that you want.

  • So you just by your things there and then you go home.

  • It's not very common to go and you see a little boutique or a little shop that everybody goes into.

  • It's just not very big in America.

  • The next one is label crazy Now in Korea, most of the women carry Chanel bags, or Luton or Prada and Gucci.

  • It's very common here.

  • When you go to America, it's not so common.

  • I mean, if you're going to a busy place like New York, Chicago or L.

  • A.

  • Where the there are a lot of rich or people.

  • Yes, you'll see them everywhere.

  • But here you go and to a restaurant or some busy place, and half of the women have them.

  • But in America, half the women don't in some places air, very country, so they don't have anything.

  • A lot of people have never heard of Chanel or Burberry or anything like that.

  • The next one is haggling and deals.

  • Now in Korea, you can go to many busy shops or busy shopping areas, and you see something you like.

  • You're like, Oh, this is so cute.

  • I want it, but look at the price and it's too expensive.

  • So you talk to the owner, and you're like, Can I get a deal?

  • Maybe a little cheaper.

  • And then they're like, okay or the like No, or things like that.

  • And then you could get it cheaper.

  • Or maybe they'll give you two or, ah, free something that you like.

  • So they think doing that will get you back into the store.

  • Then you tell people, and then, of course, you're gonna go if you could get deals.

  • But in America, you go and shop and you want this.

  • But it's too expensive and you ask them, and they're like, No, this is a set price.

  • Even if there's a stain on it now, this is a set price.

  • It's always how it is there.

  • The next one is size.

  • Now, Here in Korea, most of the women are built similar.

  • They're petite and thinner and kind of straight.

  • But in America there's many curvy people and bigger people and just all different.

  • Tall, short, little big, big chest, big hips, things like that.

  • So here, Ah, lot of the clothing and garments are made very similar, so it's kind of hard to for me being a bigger girl buying clothes here.

  • I can't really do them very often, But in America you could go toe.

  • They have any store, basically, that you want, whatever your body type is.

  • You confined a store for anything.

  • Big feet, big chest, big things like that.

  • Now in review, the top five that I think are made in Korea.

  • Clothing, garments made in Korea, little shops, a lot of little boutiques and shops in Korea label crazy.

  • Having a lot of labels in Korea compared to America, where there's not too many labels size the size and Korea is very similar.

  • But the size in America.

  • Most of the women are built differently and deals and haggling.

  • Here in Korea, you confined deals and you can ask for different prices and try and get it cheaper.

  • But in America it's basically the set price, and you can't get anything else from that.

  • So thank you for watching.

clean within seconds.

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5 Shopping Differences Korea vs USA

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