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  • Hey guys! I'm back in Nakano today

  • I haven't been here in 2 months

  • So I came straight to the gacha room to see if they have anything new

  • And unfortunately, for my wallet, they do!

  • They have lots of really cool stuff

  • I just asked you guys on Twitter, which one I should do...

  • Out of 3, there's a Sailor Moon lipstick, a Sailor Moon magnet


  • which included pancakes and stuff

  • and it looked super cute!

  • Lots of you guys voted for the cat shaped pancakes

  • Lots of you voted that I do ALL of them

  • So I'm gonna start with the cat one, because they are super adorable

  • Look at the pancakes!!!

  • And doughnuts! OMG that's so adorable

  • Cookies, little cafe latte!

  • Cookie-cutters! There's so many different ones

  • Honestly, they're all adorable

  • Of course I would prefer to get the pancakes, so we're gonna aim for those

  • I don't think I'd be upset if I got anything because they're really cute!

  • Here we go! This one is how much...

  • Oh it's only 200yen ($2 USD)!! Yaaaaay~

  • Here we go~!

  • Doughnuts! I see doughnuts.

  • It's not pancakes... but it's basically the second best one

  • Cuz doughnuts are awesome.

  • Aw that's so cute!

  • Aw it's a little waffle maker!

  • Or, doughnut maker I guess?

  • Aww look at them! BAGELS. That's what they are.

  • That's so cute~

  • Dude~ I want like the whole collection!

  • These things are dangerous >_>;

  • It's only 200 yen so I'm gonna try for the pancakes one more time!

  • Just one more! I promise...

  • Not pancakes... Cookies?

  • It's a new one, so that's good!

  • I really want the pancakes!!

  • Kind of scared... I feel like I'm gonna keep doing it until I get them

  • Aww this is so cute, look!

  • This is the little dough

  • and some cookies! Let me open it...

  • Oh it's rubbery! It's like... bendy. That's cool!

  • Where am I gonna display these? That's the problem with gacha

  • One more?

  • You've got a 1/5 chance of getting it

  • 2/5 chance of getting a repeat

  • What do you think?

  • It even comes with a cute little maple syrup thing

  • Can you see that? Omg...

  • Oh that's so cute~

  • Ok one more time.

  • You're a bad influence!!

  • I'm just giving you the numbers, you're the one putting the coin in

  • I can't tell... but I don't think it's pancakes :(

  • AW it's the bagel one again.

  • Boooooo

  • Good news for my sister, she gets all my gacha doubles

  • Here you go Shay! Cat bagels are on their way to you!

  • Well that's it for the Nyanko Kitchen #2

  • #2?! How did I miss the first one? That's upsetting.

  • Well, moving on to Sailor Moon

  • So, watch out for that video! Thanks of r watching guys!

Hey guys! I'm back in Nakano today

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Gashapon Time!! Nyanko Kitchen 2 | 猫好き必見!にゃんこキッチン2ガチャをやってみた!

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    Summer posted on 2020/10/15
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