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  • and the knife crime numbers that the mayor has been blamed for them Going to these shocking levels.

  • I mean, is that a consequence of that?

  • Or are there some potential solutions?

  • You know, in your mind is the next officer.

  • It is an absolute tragedy.

  • The tired of teenage bloodshed that flows through our streets.

  • It really is.

  • Lives have been needlessly lost.

  • Now can you use a blunt instrument to try and fix that?

  • Andi, I've actually been at one point when it was in such a crisis and so many lives were being lost.

  • They still are that I was thinking Shall we go to the military in terms of that, you know?

  • Ah, uniformed presence on every street corner.

  • Alright.

  • Governments are highly unlikely to do that to put a uniformed military presence on the streets because it it cuts to the very core of of undermining policing if, for example, and saying you know policing and therefore the Home Office and the government can't cope.

  • But also military doesn't necessarily police polices about community.

  • Military is more about fighting.

  • It's more about imposing democracy through the end of the barrel of a gun on of course that you know sticks in the back of my throw and many others.

  • But, you know, way were a crisis point not so long ago on, we are still having catastrophic numbers of people losing their lives.

  • Of course, murders have always happened sadly on, always will.

  • But in terms of gangs, Andi young people losing their lives, something very much needs to be done.

  • I know that there are trying, and it's in essence again.

  • This is seen as being a bit clumsy sometimes because they kind of get that they've started up a violent crime reduction task force on.

  • They will sort of focus on an area where there's been a lot of bloodshed, and that's a short term fix.

  • But when they go because there's another area that requires their attention, then what happens?

  • It's a very complex subject.

  • It cuts across poverty, social deprivation, lack of opportunity, exclusion from school, absent or poor parenting.

  • All these things are factors not in every case, of course, but the major thing which I think should be addressed could be addressed.

  • Is that so much off?

  • This bloodshed is over the illegal drugs industry because we have a global multi multi bilion dollar pound euro yen.

  • Call it whatever multibillion dollar industry, which we leave entirely in the hands off criminals, which, quite frankly, is ludicrous because in a illegal, unregulated world, if somebody rips you off, you can't go to a court of law for your address on have a judge make a judgment, a rule in favor of one party or the other in a civil dispute in the illegal drugs industry, when there is a dispute or fall out, the weapon that is used is violence.

  • Violence is a currency within that industry.

  • We all know that thousands upon thousands of lives have been lost ever since Richard Nixon in 1971 declared drugs public enemy number one.

  • You know, in a large part of my career, I was fighting that war on drugs was depressed, named it after Nixon's speech on the UK responded with the Misuse of Drugs Act in 1971.

  • But of course it is a war that cannot, um, will not ever be one on the sooner people wake up.

  • Politicians on the public on realize that we need to regulate that industry on how will we regulate the manufacturer, Onda retail off that industry we legalize and then we regulate.

  • And of course, some people balked at the very thought of legalizing all drugs on.

  • I'm not for legalizing the lot, not a piecemeal bit here, you know, cannabis this week and maybe something else in another five years.

  • No, legalize and regulate regulate the lot on drip this industry from the vice like grip of organized crime so that the growing of the coca leaves, for example, could be done in South America.

  • But through an intergovernmental agreement treaty, call it what you will.

  • The transportacion of valueless coca leaves in huge transporters will not be attacked by pirates because it's largely, ah, worthless products until it sales into the UK lands at Tilbury Docks, for example, on then gets transported to a major manufacturing unit where it is goes through a process which is Aziz Seif Ondas, Nontoxic as you could make it.

  • Not entirely, I get that I'm not rampantly naive over this.

  • We could be here for days.

  • To be perfectly honest, we're talking about this subject.

  • It's a passion of mine on then, through what I will clumsily called drugstores, we retail all these drugs, we sell all these drugs.

  • And you know what?

  • The streets of the UK are not going to be awash with people off.

  • They're not on drugs.

  • The whole industry is about supply, and demand on the demand quite simply will not go away.

  • That demand has to be satisfied.

  • But you know what?

  • I've got teenage kids, right?

  • Who who have had to suffer sitting around the dinner table with me and their mother, having conversations about drugs since they were 10 11 years old.

  • Because, you know, there's a half a century of policing experience around out in the tables that poor kids.

  • But, you know, we've talked about it endlessly.

  • They're not in the slightest bit interested in going near any drugs.

  • But if they were, where would I want them to buy those drugs in the corner of a gloomy pub car park from some bloke with the hood up on possibly a knife or a nine mil down the back of his trousers?

  • Who has an interest in only selling my child?

  • Mawr and Mawr and Mawr drugs probably mawr addictive drugs so that his custom becomes a regular thing or do I want my teenager who's going to experiment, maybe with a joint or a line of cocaine or an ecstasy tablet to go to a licensed retail out there where they buy those drugs where we know where they were manufactured.

  • We know what's in them and they get advice on how to take them.

  • Only this weekend we've had a tragic loss of young lives in the UK in a city in the UK I think the death toll was four this afternoon when I last read about it for needless young people died on the police is saying, Don't take drugs in this city.

  • We've clearly got a contaminated batch.

  • That's when overdose.

  • It would be history.

  • That would never happen again.

and the knife crime numbers that the mayor has been blamed for them Going to these shocking levels.

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DRUGS & CRIME RATE: Why We Are At Crisis Point Because Of The Illegal Drug War - Peter Bleksley

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