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  • you were finally able to make peace with this whole situation.

  • And you like you, said earlier, you had that conversation with God where you said where?

  • He said The reason that happened to you was because you had given up on yourself.

  • Now, no longer can you play that blame game, and that allowed you to kind of transcend to that next level.

  • Absolutely.

  • Take responsible Zarathustra.

  • The arrest of the whole philosophy is our Astra is, um the world is relying on you to perfect yourself.

  • The world is relying on you to bring yourself to balance, to bring yourself to redress, to bring yourself to that center point.

  • It's relying on you.

  • It's not relying on me to tell you how to live your life.

  • It's not relying on me to point out that guy over there and say, You're too violent, you're too greedy, is relying on me to get my own shit right?

  • It's relying on me to find balance.

  • It's relying on me to find physical, physiological, sociological, metaphysical home.

  • Your Stasis balance center line is relying on me, and if I get myself right, the world will pretty much look after itself so what people tend to do on.

  • I understand it's I've done.

  • It is they go out and try and fix everybody else.

  • We're going to get ourselves right.

  • There's no good trying to change the world.

  • If we can't wipe our own arts, you know it's no good trying to take on they al Qaida.

  • If you can't settle an argument in your own front room, it's no good trying to take on to these forces.

  • If you can't even control your own waistline, we've got to get mastery over.

  • If this magic Israel, which we know is if it's really if it works, then we've got to prove it to ourselves onto other people by doing on this physical body we've got.

  • We've got to show the proof of that in the way we live, not just about the fact that maybe I produce a lot of books or do a lot of talk about the fact that my raison d tre is to be kind.

  • My raison d etre is to serve.

  • People were not even to serve people.

  • My raison d etre is to serve God.

  • I couldn't articulate what that is, but I only know that I feel it when we're talking.

  • Now I feel it coming through.

  • May on when I talk to you, The message for me is that when you tell him what you know, I'm going to give you something else.

  • We're both gonna know something that you didn't know before.

  • I don't really know what I know until I tell you, until we have other people.

  • So it's saying, you know, passion on what you can to the nation's.

  • Pass it on to everybody on Be brave because there are forces that will try to stop you.

  • But you need those forces, those forces once you once you are certain and you are not gonna pull back, those forces will join you and there will be converted.

  • You know, like you look at Dorian again.

  • I always I know I keep pulling Doreen up.

  • But what I loved about Dorian was that he brought his life to a singularity.

  • His purpose in life was to develop this physique on.

  • His whole life was based around the whole thing.

  • Nothing else mattered on.

  • He took himself from a tiny little gym in Burma, gone to the to the biggest stage in the world, you know that?

  • I mean, they called him the Shadow because he would just People would say, If you're not political, if you don't know the managers of the magazines, if you don't know this person, if you're not connected with that person, you'll never do it.

  • He didn't none of that.

  • He just turned up with a physique on DWhite.

  • I loved the Ballon.

  • Was he dedicated his whole life just to do in that spiritually?

  • That's what we've got to do.

  • If we want Thio work metaphysically if we want to find our own geometric point, Our own singularity alone point of our own are only point of reference.

  • We have to dedicate our whole life to it.

  • We have to get rid of everything that isn't that on.

  • Just concentrate on that.

  • So Dorian has remained on inspiration to May because when he did that, when when he did that, I looked at that and thought, That's what I need to do Spiritually, I've got another friend is a power lifter and he's how the world title and I watched him lifting the most a standing wait and I said to him, what you've got there when you lift that weight, that solid nous that steadiness, you know that power.

  • That's what I want to be inside.

  • I'm not sure you understood what I meant, but I'm looking for that inside.

  • And that is what the Buddhists would call the still center.

  • Scientists would call it singularity or the quantum quantum vacuum it Z when we go into the nothingness, when you find that place, when you find that solid place you are, you are not that you're the most powerful person in the world, that you just that you become everything.

  • So object and subject become one.

  • You know, there's no longer there's no longer separation between anything on the job.

  • Then he's like I said, my job now is not to not to try and get any more shit at me because he's not there the last bit if it came out of that book.

  • But it is, it is to recognize that I'm going to tell an uncommon truth to the common man on.

  • There will be forces that will try and stop me, and I have to recognize that not let them trip me up, not take it personally on be strong enough and calling my guidance so that I can consume that and create something beautiful.

  • My house.

  • My wife While you were Stop my wife.

  • Mhm!

you were finally able to make peace with this whole situation.

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FINDING YOUR SINGULARITY: "The World Is Relying On You To Perfect Yourself" | Geoff Thompson

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