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  • Self-Discipline is the most important thing you  will ever learn in your life. Because it means,  

  • instead of going with the flow and letting others  decide your life, you decide to take things in  

  • control and shape your life the way you want. It is the ultimate level of freedom where you  

  • decide what you end up becomingand that's why it is so important.  

  • You can accomplish in a single year more by  being disciplined than you can in 10 years  

  • without discipline. By the end of this video, you  will learn how exactly you can become disciplined.  

  • I will share with you how I personally built my  discipline. If you are ready, let's start with  

  • the first step. 

  • Number 1 create a sense of accomplishment

  • It's difficult,  

  • if not impossible, to keep yourself motivated  when you don't see your progress. Often  

  • that's the main reason why people give upalthough they might be close to their goals.  


  • The best way to visualize your progress  is to write it down. I know that you have  

  • heard countless times that you should create  a to-do list, but that is the best way to see  

  • your progress right in front of you. After having your morning routine,  

  • Take a piece of paper and a pen and create a list  of what you have to accomplish throughout the day  

  • to consider the day productive and successful.  I typically have something between 5 to 6. 

 I know that you  

  • can do it in your phone or a computer but think  about how much of a distraction is your phone,  

  • how much unnecessary things you do when you turn  on your computer. It's far more productive to  

  • rely on traditional tools such as a pen and  a black note. And every time you accomplish  

  • an important task, don't move to another until  you properly rest and tick the box that you have  

  • accomplished it. 

  • Keep the list always around you so that every  time you get distracted, it will remind you of the  

  • important things you have to take care of. 

  • And at the end of the day, if you end up ticking  all the boxes, you will see your accomplishments  

  • right in front of you and it will give you the  motivation to keep moving, to accomplish more  

  • tomorrow, to have another productive day. 
2. Don't push too hard

  • One of the places I spend a lot of time is the  gym because I just love lifting weights and always  

  • being in shape. My friends often ask me to help  them out to get in shape, and I see this problem  

  • all the time. They come to the gym and go all  in. As much as I tell themdon't push too hard,  

  • it's your first day, you shouldn't exercise for  more than half an hour and should take minimum  

  • weight” - they don't listen. 

  • He is motivated, and he wants to take  the maximum weight he possibly can. What  

  • ends up happening is that the next dayevery muscle in his body is in pain. He  

  • gets exhausted and never visits the gym again. It happens all the time with everything. I get it,  

  • you watched a motivational video, you are  inspired, but that's not sustainable. If you  

  • push too hard, you will get exhausted and give  up. So start with something extremely small,  

  • one habit at a time. It doesn't matter  if it takes you an entire year to build  

  • self-discipline, that's much better than  going all in and giving up the next day


3. Number 3, Long term benefits  should outweigh short term pleasures

  • This is the golden point of this video.  

  • If I would offer you a thousand dollars today or  1010 dollars next month. What would you chose?most  

  • people will choose a thousand dollars todaybecause waiting an entire month for extra 10  

  • dollars doesn't worth?   

  • But what if it was a thousand dollars today  or 2000 dollars next month. Most people would  

  • rather wait for another couple of weeks and get an  extra 2000 dollars. The time frame didn't change,  

  • but the reward is substantial more. The only  reason you are willing to control your temptations  

  • from getting that thousand dollars now is because  you will get twice that amount if you just wait a  

  • little longer. 

  • And that's how your brain always  thinks. It always compares  

  • long term benefits with short-term pleasuresThe only way to discipline yourself is to make  

  • it clear to your brain that long term benefits  are significantly higher than short term gains

  • So before you push yourself to wake up earlywork more hours, or start going to the gym,  

  • ask yourself, why do you want to  do that? What is the final goal

  • Let's say you want to be financially  

  • independent. And the path to it might be to save  more, live frugally and hustle for 4 or 5 years.  

  • Next time before wasting your money on unnecessary  thing, your brain is going to compare weather it  

  • worth to spend a few hundred dollars on a pair  of sneakers that you don't need and delay your  

  • goal of attaining financial independence or not. And if financial independence is more important  

  • for you, then you are going  to make the right decision


4. Self-Discipline is much easier than you think. 

  • At first glance, self-discipline seems  hard. It takes an unbelievable amount of  

  • willpower and commitment. In some ways, that's  true. However, that's just part of the story  

  • because the other part is that discipline  means you are limiting your daily choices

  • One of the things that consume a lot of your  energy is the number of choices you have to make  

  • on a daily basis, and discipline simply  tells you that, you no longer have to decide;  

  • you have already made a choice to commit  to doing this and that every single day

  • You don't have to decide what you gotta  

  • do first thing int he morning because you have to  go for a jog, Friday evening? Should you hang out  

  • with friends? Watch Netflix at home or play video  games? None! Because you have to hit the gym

  • Discipline means having  

  • a strict daily routine. It's only difficult in the  beginning; once you incorporate it into your life,  

  • life just gets easier. You will do  what you are supposed to do by default.  

  • Overall, you will be more satisfied with your  life since you will be accomplishing your goals.  

 5. Find out what's holding you back.  

  • Discipline basically means getting rid  

  • of bad habits and replacing them with good habits  that will eventually lead to great outcomes down  

  • the read. But before you start, you have to figure  out all of your bad habits that you want to stop

  • Be it smoking, wasting time, buying unnecessary  things, eating unhealthy, doesn't matter. Create  

  • a list, write them down. You are not going  to get rid of them in one or one month.  

  • It might take you a year or more but having  them written in front of you makes it much  

  • easier. Create another column beside it and write  what habits are you going to replace them with

  • Binge-watching on Netflix with working  out. Unhealthy burgers with salads,  

  • snacks with fruits. write them on a big board  and stick that board in your room or office,  

  • make sure it's always visible to you

6. Deadlines  

  • Have you ever heard the saying that "a goal isdream with a deadline"? Whatever you want to do  

  • or accomplish, if it doesn't have a deadline, it's  just wishful thinking. And the deadline should be  

  • reasonable and specific. Even if you are starting  with small incremental steps, it's important that  

  • you set a deadline for it. Even if you end up  missing it, set another deadline. Of course,  

  • the point isn't to set a deadline in order  to miss them. But without a clear time frame,  

  • you will end up procrastinating.  


  • And lastly,  

  • Failure is part of the process. 

  • Don't expect yourself to be hyperproductive  every single day. Just because you couldn't do  

  • it today doesn't mean you shouldn't try again. Cheat days are part of the process. As someone  

  • who works out regularly and tries to eat  healthy all the time. I have cheat days too,  

  • sometimes I would have fast food, I know that's  wrong, but I don't hold my self to it. The next  

  • day I would try harder to stick to my diet. If you couldn't wake up early enough, it's fine.  

  • Try again, tomorrow. The most important thing is  - never give up. And you will certainly make it


  • Here you go, this is your secret recipe for  building self-discipline. I know that they  

  • work because I used them to discipline myself. It  was not easy, but eventually, I made, and since  

  • them my life has only changed for the betterand I am confident that yours will be as well

  • If you have enjoyed the video and most important  found it helpful, make sure to give it a thumbs  

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  • when the next video will be up on the channel. Thanks for watching and until next time

Self-Discipline is the most important thing you  will ever learn in your life. Because it means,  

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7 Steps To Master Self-Discipline Faster

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