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  • tell me about, you know, the situation because you talked about you know, what's the feeling like, you know, with with the people in America and that people are feeling their environment and their feeling, you know, the energy of the people around them and okay, we having protests, Obviously, there's an election this year.

  • It's supercharged, and I'll get into politics after this.

  • But what is your feeling on say, the vibe of the people and let's just say in America, because you're they're feeling it.

  • What is happening here?

  • You know, maybe from an energy perspective or from a 30,000 ft perspective, you know, faced all the wisdom you have.

  • What do you really see is actually going on?

  • I think there's I've said this last night to somebody to I think people are down from being candid.

  • I'm not.

  • I would consider this to be a depressed down culture right now.

  • Overall, and the combinations are they.

  • We have been locked in our homes.

  • For the most part, we haven't had that human interaction that is light in our lives.

  • My dad's been my dad just spent eight days in the hospital.

  • I couldn't go inside to see him when he was in there, and he's in there struggling, right?

  • So there's thousands, millions of situations like that.

  • Then there's the social unrest in our country, where you know a group of people who tell us they were hurting.

  • Please hear us.

  • And then there's another group of people saying I hear you, but I don't agree with you and that there's Then there's the contention of the election.

  • There's the economic frustration that's happening in the country.

  • And then, you know, we're gonna go into politics in the second, like politics has become so central in our lives.

  • Now and now.

  • The athletes are involved in politics, so you can't escape.

  • More and more friends tell me, I just don't I won't even watch television.

  • I'm listening to more podcast.

  • I'm trying to find something on Netflix that's positive.

  • So in an honest answer, I would say the temperature I would take right now is scary low.

  • Um, people are very frustrated, very down.

  • That's not everyone, but I would say that's a large majority of people.

  • Even the people I know doing well financially.

  • They feel sort of like they're the enemy in our country now, to some extent through some of the political rhetoric that's out there.

  • So they feel pursued and and beat up a little bit, too.

  • So I mean, if I'm being honest, I don't like that it's this way.

  • But if I answered it any other way, I wouldn't being on being transparent with you.

  • I sense a really frustrated down culture like I've never seen before.

  • E.

  • I mean, you said, politics is everywhere.

  • It's almost become the new entertainment, you know?

  • I mean, we go back to when we were kids, you know, there was a debate, some articles, even 56 years ago.

  • It was definitely part of the news.

  • Now it is the only news that in the course of that, in the correlations from it on the reactions from it, it's almost like that dominates the news.

  • Brother, you're so right.

  • It's entertainment, religion and almost a sport all combined into one, and it za central part of our lives for most people.

  • And I don't think that that's necessarily a good thing.

  • I understand being socially aware, wanting to create changes that you feel that need to be made.

  • But the other thing it does is it's a great diversion from us.

  • In other words, if I could worry about Trump or Biden or this or that, I'm not really focusing on me and my life and my my ownership of where I am.

  • And that's a That's a really sad part of this.

  • Is everyone being lost?

  • Everyone's picking a team and a tribe, and this sort of that and this mask versus no masks, it's red versus blue.

  • It's dem vs Republicans.

  • It's black vs White Gay versus straight in these politicians from both parties, it seems to me, specialize in create, um, victim cultures of some type.

  • If you're a successful white entrepreneur, your enemy is brown illegal immigrants.

  • If you're a Christian, you're enemies of Muslim.

  • If you're a Democrat, your enemy is these rich white guys.

  • And it's just this vicious cycle of and the truth is, we don't really live that way.

  • Most of us live together pretty harmoniously.

  • We want when we see something wrong with one of our brothers or sisters, for there to be retribution and for it to be fixed and for there to be justice.

  • But they're telling us, and people are believing that we are separated from one another next week.

  • I have Donald Trump Jr on my show and the week after that.

  • I have a prominent liberal person coming on for the progressive side, and I already know I'm going to lose followers over that because I'm normalizing Trump and then the Trump Peas will be mad at me for having the liberal on.

  • I'm just doing it to serve and get information, but I it's so polarized that it's almost like I'm putting a gun to my own head and pulling the trigger.

  • I know it will only breed negativity for me yet I'm a glutton for punishment, so I'm doing it.

  • So I'm really I'm hopeful that somehow this culture begins to change because it's a you know, I have people very worried right about the election when the results happen that there could be dramatic civil unrest, a dramatic and there's some people that think it could be bloody, and I'm hoping that that's not the case.

  • I pray that that's not the case, right, with people contesting the votes and then on that does civil unrest and then it spills out.

  • Yeah, that's happening civil unrest.

  • We're already having, uh, there's peaceful protests in our country.

  • But then there's real riots happening that's under reported by the media.

  • Property destruction, people dying.

  • I mean, it's actually happening in the United States right now.

  • I know what's happening around the world to.

  • And then there's the peaceful protests.

  • I feel the peaceful protest, their messages being lost by these rioters and these poor entrepreneurs that have spent years and years building businesses.

  • To have them burned to the ground is it's just horrible.

  • It's horrible.

  • Why, why my wife stop my wife?

tell me about, you know, the situation because you talked about you know, what's the feeling like, you know, with with the people in America and that people are feeling their environment and their feeling, you know, the energy of the people around them and okay, we having protests, Obviously, there's an election this year.

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