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  • What does the future of politics look like for you at or when you're running for president?

  • Yeah, I'm probably not.

  • I've been getting asked out.

  • There was a great poll and I was a story in Idaho many about a year ago that I was running for the Senate, which I'm not even a resident of Idaho.

  • I do have a house there.

  • I'm not gonna resident.

  • And I was leading in the polls, which is really exciting to hear it.

  • I have no intention of running, but I don't think that political office is probably the place for me.

  • Just because of all the fundraising that's required, I would serve.

  • People say, Oh, you take a pay cut.

  • I do want to take a pay cut, its all of the running around with your hand out raising money.

  • All of that stuff is probably not for me.

  • What I hope, though the future of politics in our country is is that there'll be a tipping point where we just don't want to do this anymore.

  • I'm not so sure the two party systems, uh, gonna be forever here.

  • You know, in our country, there's really two parties the Democrats and the Republicans.

  • And I think there's a lot of people like me who are like I'm kind of like the Democrats socially like, you know, people should be able to live their lives and I love all people and I want social justice, same time.

  • I don't want socialism in a welfare state.

  • I wanted to be capitalist and free enterprise to have achievement, and I think that there will probably be a third party candidate eventually that breaks through.

  • I really do believe that that will be coming.

  • And that would be the greatest thing for our country.

  • Is that these tribes and camps?

  • Their influence begins to be minimized by just good people with good ideas running for office.

  • The reason it doesn't happen is money is they can't raise enough money on their own.

  • There is the very reason why I would run on DSO.

  • There has to be a change in our country in the way that we fund to politics and the minute you take the funding away advantage to these two groups of people, you'll see people from every walk of life, much more qualified people to lead countries.

  • By the way um, would be able to run that aren't affiliated with one of the two parties.

  • So my hope the saving grace is that And again, I just lost a bunch of people who are staunch Democrats or Republicans in our country.

  • But it's when Mawr independent thinking people can run for office, in my opinion.

  • And so you don't wanna raise the money and you also don't want it the strings that are attached with the money.

  • That whole thing is something you don't want to be involved with, which would keep you out of public.

  • That's one of the things I thought I was gonna like about Trump a great deal because that he didn't need that funded it.

  • And, yeah, there's all people don't give you money, there's no expectation, and you need a lot of money to run for political office in the United States.

  • Although Trump won the Republican nomination by spending almost nothing compared Thio, uh, you know what Hillary had raised?

  • But he was a public figure already and had his own TV show, you know, potentially someone like me could do that.

  • He's got notoriety that doesn't need to raise money to do it.

  • But I'm optimistic that that that the two party system could be broken and I think that's the key to making politics healthy in my country.

  • Wow, My wife Wild, my wife.

What does the future of politics look like for you at or when you're running for president?

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FUTURE OF POLITICS: Why There Needs To More Independent Thinkers Running in Office - Ed Mylett

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