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  • You know, this is really timely for me because I've just sent my four year old son for his first week of school.

  • And this is the first time I've given him over.

  • Teoh, you know the education industrial complex.

  • And I'm part of me knows he needs to socialize and be around kids.

  • But part of me is really worried that he's gonna be taught a framework that was invented in the Industrial Revolution in order to create factory workers and again not have that creativity.

  • That sense of risk taking is okay.

  • It's okay to fail.

  • As an entrepreneur, you have toe.

  • I try to fail every year in order to progress.

  • How do you How do you teach that?

  • You've got a problem?

  • Yeah, but probably he's not the problem.

  • Probably you're the problem because I haven't known you very long, but I suspect that you're a real control freak.

  • You like things very leet entirely, including your son on your challenge.

  • And I think a lot of us with kids is to let go and let them formas their own characters and just watch them on, watch them and be there to help catch.

  • But let them be themselves.

  • Not like you, because we learn along this stuff in our life and we want to pass it on to our kids.

  • But actually, it's not of much use.

  • You don't learn anything unless you get up there and make a mistake.

  • When I was doing in Dragons, then I always said, You know, I was much more interested in Somebody has had a failed business that I have of somebody's had multiple successes because somebody with a failed business knows what could go wrong.

  • Yeah, yeah, And you've seen that.

  • Tell me more about, you know, this idea of failure and risk, and like you said, you can't necessarily teach creativity or teach entrepreneurship.

  • But if someone is out there who doesn't know what to do next, and there's a lot of potential, how could they look at their business from a different angle like, is there a way to try to reset themselves to write off what they were doing before and think, How can I come and find solutions?

  • Well, when you get a knockdown, Um, the thing is that life is a long process, and when you get a lock down you're gonna learn something just because you've had a knock down it doesn't mean you have to be on the ground for 10 years.

  • You hear people going through divorces 10 years, it takes out of their life.

  • Let go.

  • Let the other person go off and do what they were doing.

  • The same in business.

  • You gotta get up, dust yourself off on, get off, get on and do the do the next thing.

  • What was the question again?

  • Just how people can start that process of innovation are looking at the business.

  • Exactly how did you start things, You know, I mean, going right back to kids coming out of school.

  • I'm thinking, What am I going to do?

  • Which is the first time that you and I sort of sort of thought I expect sort of thought Oh, God.

  • What are we gonna do now?

  • I certainly did.

  • You know, I was completely lost.

  • I remember my girlfriend's from Tahiti on.

  • I remember some kid have been smoking too much ganja or whatever, and he didn't know what to do.

  • And he was saying to me, You're an entrepreneur.

  • What can I do?

  • I don't know.

  • I said guy outside your streets in a mess is rubbish.

  • Get a plastic bag on God and spend an hour every morning picking up the litter on.

  • When somebody asks you what you're doing saying I'm helping, I'm helping.

  • Look after the neighborhood, you're gonna meet a lot of people.

  • I bet you anything you like that one of them is going to say there is a talented guy.

  • We're gonna do it.

  • I mean, I'm just talking about doing things in a very small level on then.

  • In business, I think, you know, you have to have the creativity to reinvent the future.

  • I mean, certainly, you know, there's all sorts of different businesses, but the area I'm in, which is hospitality and retail and all of that.

  • You know, most people out there want to know what's gonna happen in the future.

  • You can't market research a market that doesn't exist.

  • So if you go out on DSO say, Well, what does my customer want?

  • I say the customers got no idea what they want.

  • When somebody like me comes along and says, this is what we're doing.

  • Um, you know, they say, Oh, that's amazing.

  • That's what the future is gonna look like That's what I wanted all the time.

  • I would say the magic words.

  • I mean, if I had done market research when I started yo sushi, which would you like to eat?

  • Raw fish off conveyor belts with robots serving the drinks.

  • Then people aren't gonna hold their hands up and say, Yeah, that's for May When I opened the hotels, would you like to sleep in a 70 square foot natural room with no natural light or 100 square foot luxury rooms?

  • No, they're not going to.

  • But when they walked into those rooms, they said What I call her, The magic words on the magic words are This is so obvious.

  • Why didn't somebody do this before?

  • Andi, I didn't do that through market research.

  • I think in the early stages of developing ideas, you know, don't do market research.

  • Preferably, it's just May on my own or me and one other person on We've got an idea and we develop it, develop it.

  • There's new ideas.

  • A soon as you put them up on a white board and invite 10 people to comment on them, there's gonna be a million reasons why it's not gonna work.

  • You've got to get much further on on.

  • That's why entrepreneurs can start businesses and do new things.

  • And Tessler send people into space apple and then this that and the other because they're obsessed with doing what they want to do, and they're not gonna listen to any reason.

  • He's got a modicum of unreasonable nous on Dwork.

  • Obsession in the first few years of the business is absolutely a great thing to do.

  • Work, life, balance, Forget it is no fun.

You know, this is really timely for me because I've just sent my four year old son for his first week of school.

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TEACHING FAILURE: Simon Woodroffe On How To Teach Youngsters The Key To Failure

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