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  • tell me about, like the regulations and the cove, it and all the things you're being told you need to do from distancing two masks, etcetera.

  • I mean, do you find that it's hard to either understand exactly what to do or how to understand the science behind it?

  • Is it because I find myself frustrating because I don't see science based decision making?

  • It feels like policy gets thrown out here.

  • Another one gets thrown out here.

  • It seems to be like damage control or politics.

  • I don't know what's going on.

  • What's it like from someone like you who has to follow those regulations?

  • Uh, challenging as well?

  • I mean, because it z so much.

  • You have to think about so many more decisions.

  • You have to make, uh, something more battles that you have to fight to get over that line, even just filling out risk assess doing risk assessments.

  • And I hate to think what a large company or a large restaurant you have to do but doing a risk assessment for Kobe, which is necessary.

  • I'm not denying that at all, but it's like you have to really think concentrate because it is really, really important on.

  • You have to really make sure you do the right thing because you're also talking about the health and safety of much of your staff.

  • But also every employee on the worst case scenario, having a reputation, a bad reputation, your business, but then killed business thing.

  • So you've really got I think there's a lot of what I'm seeing is a lot of advice on the government website that I'm happy with.

  • There really is a lot of advice through how to deal with these things and examples, even the furlough scheme and the eat out scheme.

  • And I think they have rolled it out very quickly and very, very well.

  • I can't complain at all about the support that that's being providing good.

  • But there's still things that yeah, you don't really wanna have to think about it.

  • You want to get on and run your business, right?

  • What about like I mean, I've heard from people I know in the city that say, you know, I have to wear a mask when I walked to my table and then I could take the mask off, and then I don't have to wear into a pub but kids don't wear it at school.

  • It just it doesn't seem to be standardized science behind some of these regulations.

  • Eyes that frustrating.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, it's frustrating for me from a very personal point of view.

  • Is coming into a retail shop and having to wear a mask.

  • Um, so you'll see here in this shop way Manage that from at the doorway where we have the rope and we could greet people at the door on.

  • Then they wanna come inside.

  • They could choose Thio, my other store.

  • We're allowing people to come in just like any other sort of a quick service store.

  • People would come in and there's a lot of them who were not wearing a mask.

  • Um, it would be wonderful if we didn't have Thio.

  • It would just make it easier.

  • But I understand the science behind thinking behind it.

  • We need to take those steps to be safe.

  • Well, yeah, yeah, it's a fine line because, like, I just Yeah, I feel like we should invest a bit mawr in science.

  • I mean, get everyone to agree on the science and put forward a policy.

  • It just seems to be patched together a little bit.

  • Yeah, the child.

  • I mean, there's also there's so many other countries are doing it differently as well.

  • You know, there's stories today about Sweden and had no real cases being from Melvin.

  • You may know the lock down there has been really quite severe.

  • Andi.

  • They had 40 cases yesterday, but they're still in a really severe 40 cases like that.

  • Z nothing on.

  • They're still in a really severe locked down.

  • So the way the government had been there for a week's almost, uh, so the way the governments are doing things yet I have no sympathy for the government.

  • They've chosen to do that job, but you could quite easily say they're not doing the best one.

  • Yeah, it it's frustrating when the ramifications are businesses huge going out and a lot of capital.

  • It's 98% of the economic activity in London is small, medium sized businesses.

  • I mean, it's the lifeblood yet, and then these people don't have capital reserves, you know, you know you probably because you've been in the business for a long time, planned ahead and worked surgically, you know, But you're smart, like a lot of small business owners don't have that experience.

  • They don't have the capital reserves and they're blown out forever on bats because government can't seem thio get their head around.

  • What the right thing to Dio?

  • And again, I think people forget about the economy.

  • I mean, the economic devastation is severe.

  • Excuse.

  • And that's the thing about living in your own bubble.

  • You don't really see how big that scale is.

  • You want to start to travel around or a Z.

  • Do you see different parts of London?

  • It really is a big scale.

  • It's almost quite frightening.

tell me about, like the regulations and the cove, it and all the things you're being told you need to do from distancing two masks, etcetera.

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