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  • if I were thio elect you mayor of London today or put you on the cultural you know, ministers frontlines.

  • What would you do?

  • What were the three things you would do right now, You know, to save your industry, You know, in an intelligent way, besides just cutting the bastard checks.

  • But what would you do that you think would really be the smartest decision?

  • Okay, Okay.

  • So I would work with industry to agree thes mitigating measures that mean that even short of lifting social distancing, we can we can open our theaters to get a capacity of around about 70%.

  • I think we might be nearly there, but that But that would be my first thing because actually, a sector we'd much rather be back at work than taking government money were You know, as I said earlier, the vast majority of hitters don't rely on government money.

  • Normally, we don't like having to allowing it now.

  • Would much rather be working?

  • So get us back to work by agreeing these mitigating measures critically.

  • One of the one of the issues we haven't talked about yet is insurance.

  • Now we, along with a whole bunch of other people in the industry are currently in dispute with our insurers about business interruption.

  • It's not very exciting, but kind of important Onda course.

  • Perhaps understandably, the insurance industry will not ensure theater shows right now, s o.

  • The other thing is, you know, it's a big risk as a producer to put on a big show only for there to be a local lock down or national lock down, which means you then have toe all the money you invest in that show is lost.

  • So we would like the government and I would if I was in position to do so to put in place a new insurance guarantee scheme.

  • There already is one for film production, So the government has stepped in with the guards to film production.

  • So we're saying do the same for theater production so that theater producers could take that risk.

  • You know, uh, Aziz Android, Weber said in his evidence recently to the GCMS Committee.

  • For every successful West End show, there are 10 or 20 unsuccessful one, so producers already used to taking risks.

  • But this is a risk too far without without some kind of insurance county.

  • So those are the two things I would do immediately.

  • The two things I would do.

  • Medium term, you've only allowed me three.

  • But I'm gonna take four eyes.

  • Is I would put in place a safe haven scheme.

  • So this is the mothballing thing.

  • So a a way off putting those theaters into the custody of a body, maybe us or somebody else who would look after those buildings while they're mothballed.

  • It would be a much more cost effective way than trying to get individual managements to do that on Ben.

  • Finally, when we do come out to the other side of this, invest in those buildings in the way that I described to you earlier because they should be part of the recovery.

  • That big build, build, build push should also include not build more theaters, but improved the ones we've got.

  • Make them, or in my environmentally friendly, make them more accessible.

  • Make them more inclusive.

  • Make them up to date.

  • You know, if you've been to a West end theater, some of them are beautiful and I've had lots of money invested in them.

  • Some of them still need a lot of work doing on them as do something about theaters nationally as well.

  • So those are the four things I would do?

  • Yeah, those are powerful.

  • You know, I was speaking to some entrepreneurs recently out in London, and I asked him what they would ask the public for.

  • And, you know, one of them was kind of a local coffee shop.

  • We've been in fits Rovi and so hope for about 11 years.

  • And he just said, You said, You know, when you go to buy a coffee He said if you could think about supporting the local businesses, not necessarily chain stores with the venture Capital Finance and I used to work in the city.

  • So usually those guys were okay, but do you have anything you would want to ask the British public or the public in London of what they could dio toe help?

  • You know, the culture that you know, this crucial cultural institution that again might might not come back.

  • I mean, there's there's businesses in London that have closed that will never come back, and we're gonna feel that.

  • So what would be your request for the public?

  • Well, I think if you're theater has managed to reopen and some some have thing, then, then go go along.

  • There are very strict regulations already in place about what we need to make.

  • To make fear to safe on theaters are, as least as safe is going to a bar or restaurant arguably more safe, because the way that a gnawed Ian's behaves in the theater is more controlled, so it za safe as it can be to go back to the theaters, are open.

  • So if you're one is open one near you, then I would urge you to go along.

  • If it's not open, then I would urge you to think about buying tickets in advance just to help them with their cash flow.

  • Most theaters now have put in place a very generous refund scheme in recognition of the fact that people might not want to risk buying a ticket unless they know they can get the money back should the show not go on.

  • So buy tickets in advance for the show.

  • We've also set up a crowd funders called Save Our Theater, so go onto that you'll see loads of local theaters who are doing their own crowdfunding, so we're not fund raising for them, we're helping them with their fundraising.

  • So if your local theaters on there, go on there, make a donation.

  • They're all giving out giving prizes in exchange for donations, whether it's signed programs or tickets to shows all that kind of thing.

  • So those are the various ways that the public, if they if they reminded to could, could support their local theater, Why?

  • Why my wife?

  • Why don't you want my wife?

if I were thio elect you mayor of London today or put you on the cultural you know, ministers frontlines.

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SAVE THE INDUSTRY: How To Save The Theatre Industry Through Three Targets - Jon Morgan

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