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  • a lot of people aren't used to that.

  • A lot of people aren't used.

  • Thio work, life balance being completely 90 10.

  • And a lot of people aren't used to taking risks like that.

  • You know, even God for that.

  • I know that leaves room for people like you, and it does.

  • But you have to have vision.

  • You have to be willing to stick it out there and take the heat if you want to go off and be in the frontline.

  • But if you're gonna go off and be entrepreneurial, which I mean in a sense I got to say I think whether you work for a large corporation or whether you're starting a startup business at the age of 17 there much the same thing was there's no security in any of them.

  • So we're all entrepreneur pra neural at some level.

  • But to actually go out and start a business and put your life savings or borrow money and put other people's life savings on the line, you're gonna have an awful lot of sleepless nights is not gonna be comfortable being you is gonna be uncomfortable being you on.

  • Then people dio I don't feel comfortable that is normal.

  • If you're not feeling comfortable, that is good.

  • I always talk about the comfort zone.

  • You gotta step outside the comfort zone.

  • You know, it's like a sort of, you know, when you start so the comfortable zone, you feel uncomfortable.

  • And if you stay there for long enough, your comfort zone gets bigger.

  • It's like the pebble dropped into the water.

  • The rings go out.

  • You get more and more comfortable than you could handle more difficult things.

  • That's what generals do in war, you know.

  • So, yes, you've got to step outside.

  • It's gonna you're gonna have some sleepless nights on.

  • It might go wrong, and you might have to get up and dust yourself off and start all over again.

  • But that's what business is really about it.

  • There's lots of different sorts of business, you know.

  • There's big corporate businesses, you know, we've seen in this country and over, like the Woolworth who we thought would last forever going bust.

  • You know, I can't think of all the examples, but big businesses do go bust these days.

  • You know, things that have been around for years and years.

  • That's big business run often by people with cufflinks and suits in big board rooms from the top.

  • But modern businesses.

  • Fleet of Foot young.

  • Um, it this new generation who are starting businesses are doing it with people with each other.

  • They're great generation, their people, they trust.

  • They've got a massive work ethic to get things done on there.

  • Having fun doing it on.

  • I think that plays right the way through to customers wanting to be associating with companies who have got that kind of zest for life.

  • Yeah.

  • They always say the customer experience is a lagging indicator of company culture, right?

  • The customer feels the culture.

  • Not a bad, not a bad analysis.

  • Yeah, but you don't.

  • You don't design that.

  • That happens through a natural thing, right?

  • I never designed any of our businesses, though.

  • They got strong brand identities now with you.

  • I never designed it that way.

  • I allowed it to grow from the people within it on that became the culture.

  • So it had some integrity to it, right?

  • It wasn't just dictated by you.

  • It was it was a planned in ah, in an advertising agency.

  • That's for sure.

  • It wasn't cynical in that sense.

a lot of people aren't used to that.

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WORK LIFE BALANCE: Simon Woodroffe Talks About Taking Risks And Being On The Frontline

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