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  • I don't care what it takes.

  • I want my diamondback we're working on now.

  • Let's go out, Har Lean Quinn's self Whoa!

  • How you, Romy?

  • Do you know why?

  • When it comes to me and Roman scientists, there are a lot of possible answers to this question.

  • Breaking his legs, E e you're here.

  • Oh, God.

  • Stop!

  • You're going to do that thing where you open up A weird ass case of torture devices.

  • Well, inexplicably detail in your master plan and how I don't feed it.

  • I'm building a seriously You don't have Thio.

  • Really?

  • You're building a criminal empire because Daddy kicked you out of Janice Court.

  • You think this is a big fuck?

  • You wouldn't actuality.

  • It's a very misguided attempt to win back his respect.

  • I get it.

  • You're really not as complicated as you think.

  • You're really not as clever as you think.

  • Because now I'm gonna Jesus, Christmas.

  • Now you're gonna say that you want to kill me to set an example?

  • Christ, you're boring.

  • I want to kill you.

  • Because without the Joker around, I can.

  • For all your noise and bluster, you're just a a silly little girl with no one around protector.

  • We'll wait.

  • What?

  • Don't kill me, all right?

  • No, no, seriously, Romy.

  • Romy remind.

  • Just gonna be something, e We can figure out a way.

  • You lost something, right?

  • You lost something.

  • I heard you say it.

  • A diamond.

  • Yeah.

  • I can help you find.

  • Seriously.

  • Look in my pocket.

  • Other pockets.

  • I'm starting up my own business.

  • See what it says?

  • Second from the bottom.

  • I know the East End better than anybody you want this time it back.

  • I'm your gal.

  • Mr.

  • J once lost a rare photograph of a nude Eleanor Roosevelt and I found in a bird's nest in Robinson Park.

  • If you let me go just for now, I'll get you that wrong.

  • What did you get?

  • The lose If you boys find it first.

  • Swear to God you can kill me later, Pinky.

  • Swear.

  • Cross my heart.

  • Hope to find your so tiresome If you want my mercy, Shut that hole in the middle of your face and listen.

  • You're gonna get me my diamond.

  • Diamond doesn't die.

  • A kiss on the hand may be quite continental.

  • Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

  • Kiss may be grand, but it won't pay the rental on your humble flat way.

  • It's crazy.

  • Smart.

  • I'll give you till midnight.

  • Yeah, and then I'm gonna peel off that pretty face.

  • You pickle it.

  • Okay, Call me old fashioned, But I always thought the guy was meant to get the girl the diamond.

  • But I won't let you down.

  • Romy E.

  • Let's make it half a mill.

  • It's more fun if she's got competition.

  • Sent it to every mercenary and Gotham.

I don't care what it takes.

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Black Mask interrogates Harley Quinn | Birds of Prey

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/13
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