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  • Hey there, Jennifer, With your two for Tuesday.

  • We have two words today and a little bit of a bonus.

  • So let's go ahead and jump right in our words today are tier, which means to cry and tear, which refers to a level.

  • And to say these words correctly, we have to sounds.

  • We're going to start with a T sound.

  • To do this, touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth, and then you can pull it down and allow the air to puff out.

  • Next, we're going to move to the ear vowel.

  • To do this, we're going to start by smiling, tense, smiling lips and tongue is high and flatten them up.

  • E.

  • Then we're going to move to the You're smoothly.

  • We're gonna make that one sound.

  • There's no break in between.

  • Hey, when you move to that er sound, the lips are going to be square intense.

  • The tip of your tongue can point down or flip back, ear, ear and let's put it all together.

  • Tear, tear, tear, tear.

  • Now you may be saying, but I thought that word was tear.

  • You would be correct.

  • I actually have a video on this and to rip is to tear.

  • Those words are spelled the same, but pronounced differently.

  • So let's give this a try in a sentence.

  • She shed a tear when her team moved down a tear after the loss.

  • Give it a try.

  • I know people are going to notice the difference.

  • If you found this helpful, please give us a like in a share.

  • Um, if you're looking for some more help, you can check out our products on Google play and iTunes and our class options at Charles speech dot com.

  • Thanks so much, everyone.

Hey there, Jennifer, With your two for Tuesday.

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How to Pronounce TEAR & TIER - American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson

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