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  • Well, like you said, if you really concerned, stay home.

  • If you you know you want to stay with your grandkids for six months, totally get it.

  • That's your call.

  • But again, don't penalize the entire rest of the economy for that s so it's not just an economic thing.

  • I mean, you're right to talk about the economic side of it because theater is a massive contributor to the economy.

  • But it's also just a basic human need.

  • We are social animals, Andi, um, congregating together to see a show, whether it's a music show.

  • A theater show is kind of second nature to us is why, notwithstanding the kind of bumpy ride that we're in right now and that we may be in for some time to come.

  • I'm ultimately optimistic that at some point we will return Teoh a vibrant theater sector, because people, well, people just crave it.

  • They just need that kind of experience of watching a terrible tragedy or comedy.

  • And responding is one that sense that, you know, for the kind of live streaming and streaming off plays that we've seen over the last few months, which has been a great way of kind of people engaging with theater who may not otherwise normally do so.

  • It's just not the same watching something on the screen as it is watching it.

  • You know, with 200 people around you or gasping at the same time.

  • And something happens, it's just it's just, you know, you can't replicate that.

  • My Why?

  • Why Washington?

  • Why my wife?

Well, like you said, if you really concerned, stay home.

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OUR SECOND NATURE: Why Theatre Is A Human Need And Why It Needs To Return - Jon Morgan

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