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  • Let's just go back to this set up because it's everything.

  • And that's the thing.

  • I mean, you know, it seems that there is the rule of six.

  • And then there's the where the mask or don't wear the mask and the Socialists is 2 m, and then it's 1 m.

  • And it just seems that since there's no clear cut, science based protocol that everyone's left wondering, and I've heard that even some theaters have completely redone, they're sitting plan for social distance.

  • But the truth is, a month later, that rule could be changed, and then the capital's gone.

  • Same with the filters.

  • Same with all that sound like big capital expenditures.

  • And then what?

  • The proposal you're talking about could quite literally bring back theater if we could just agree on the science or test the science.

  • So how do you move that forward toe where you can, I don't know, do a pilot program and test it, you know?

  • I mean, I heard some figures this week that came out last week that we're talking about.

  • Where is this transmitted?

  • Where is the virus being transmitted?

  • It was like 43% still in care homes 26% in schools and universities, 15% in office is less than 5% in the hospitality space on DSO.

  • If the numbers are that low, that it's worth taking some calculated risks, especially when you're talking about an economy which can lead to mental health and even physical health and even death rates.

  • So how do we push that forward?

  • I guess.

  • How do you get those answers to find out if you can open these theaters?

  • And also, I feel like if you could take one and do it, it would open up everyone's eyes, just like getting people to eat out was partially getting the fear out of people's systems, not just the customers, the workers, the entrepreneurs.

  • So how could we move forward?

  • I think there is an appetite to go back to the theater.

  • Absolutely, no asked.

  • Other organizations have been doing sort of public surveys.

  • Thio kind of find out what the appetite has been, and it has slowly been increasing over the last few months.

  • I'm not sure what's gonna happen now with the kind of reversal of things, whether people's appetite will start to decrease.

  • But there is an appetite I think absolutely.

  • If we were able to increase capacity to 60 or 70% we would be able to sell those tickets as well.

  • I think I think, on the science question.

  • Public health England on some of the meetings that I that I take part in a study that I just quoted eso were part of a thing the government sent up could set up, called the events and entertainment working Groups.

  • So asking a bunch of other people running theaters and outdoor venues and all sorts of things are trying our best to kind of come up with thes mitigating measures that I say and we are running pilot schemes, some pilot testing things to find out which public health England also taking part in.

  • So I'm hopeful that we will get to a stage where public Health England are satisfied that that that this is that this is co vid safe and you're right about the expense.

  • You might be aware that Angela Webber hey owns a number of theaters in the West End, including the palladium.

  • He ran a ah pilot scheme, a pilot event with fantastic Beverley Knight, Western performer on bond.

  • He, uh he's throwing everything at it.

  • I mean absolutely everything, because he has the money to do so.

  • So what we're keen to do, because there are we're going to make sure that the smaller theaters were also able to take part in this, and no one is left out because there are about 1100 theaters across the UK, and about 60% of them are under 400 seats.

  • So, yes, you got the juggernauts like the National Theater in the Palladium and so on and so forth.

  • But actually the vast majority people see theater in little studios and rooms above pubs on.

  • We wanna make sure that those guys can come back as well, because that's actually where you're emerging.

  • Talent comes from a swell.

  • You know, People don't start off at the Palladium or the National Theater.

  • They start off in a pub around the corner, doing an amateur show or whatever.

  • So that's kind of really important as a spark, the sector a za part of how we re open.

  • So we're hopeful that these experiments would demonstrate that it's that it's feasible to reopen safely, and we'll just have to see what happened with Lloyd Webber.

  • He found that it wasn't well what he wanted to do.

  • Waas He actually wanted to do a non socially distant show to demonstrate to public health England and to the Department of Culture, media and sport that it could be done safely.

  • But they wouldn't let him because it's not, it's not allowed.

  • So he did a socially distant show.

  • Um, to show you should to demonstrate all the things that you could use, you could throw it it.

  • So I mean, he's throwing everything at it, replacing all the door handles with a company.

  • What it is now it's a kind of covering or metal that that that doesn't that which, which, which the bugs can't survive on hey, has fogging machines that you have to walk through that basically just gonna zap everything is you're walking through them.

  • I mean, that's all really expensive kit on what we're trying to make Sure we do as theaters trust is to make sure that whatever standard we agree with government isn't so ridiculously high that those small those important little theaters in villages and towns across the country that they aren't excluded from that.

  • So again, we're going to too much boring technical detail.

  • But we are pushing really hard to say.

  • If you have a freestanding conditioning unit with all the white filters in it, that should also be sufficient.

  • I mean, we need to test all that to make sure we can prove that's true.

  • But yeah, we're hoping that that will come through my house, my worship.

  • Why don't you stop my wife?

Let's just go back to this set up because it's everything.

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PUBLIC REOPENING: How Can Theatres Meet The Requirements For A Public Re-opening - Jon Morgan

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