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  • So it is 4.

  • 30 in the morning here in Seoul.

  • Three I'm finally in Korean video is just exporting.

  • Now, in one hour, I will officially have been awake for 24 hours.

  • The trouble, though, is I gotta make sure I don't get lost because all of these streets look basically exactly the same.

  • In fact, just meet spinning this much has me slightly concerned that I'm, um I'm gonna be able to figure out Good morning, everybody.

  • I am going to catch some ghosts.

  • Ghost busted action.

  • I'm going to drop this power converter off with Charlotte.

  • Get our day started.

  • Charlotte and I just finished nearly three hours of live streaming exactly three hours, exactly three hours.

  • Three hours of live streaming is a lot to sit through so may be treated like a podcast having on in the background.

  • Yeah, I do that with, like, all the time we've got to go to pick up my lost item s.

  • So we're in the taxi now, and it's kind of funny because Charlotte, I don't speak Korean.

  • There's a lot of trying going on here, but But I think we're gonna I think we're gonna arrive at the correct spot.

  • E Have faith fingers crossed that we get to the right place way.

  • Couldn't speak a word of Korean way on.

  • Now we over there.

  • Maybe that looks like an office building update following someone new now.

  • Yeah, Mhm.

  • Thank goodness.

  • You never want to lose camera here Way.

  • Ask them for directions on now.

  • Something's happening, but we don't know what you got your tongue Non will.

  • Now move.

  • Wait.

  • Seems we've been awarded our own bus way Are currently on a private bus from the terminal.

  • Take You got to the nearest train station so that we could catch our train.

  • And our money is no good.

  • Here s O.

  • In case you're wondering, this'd what a Korean bus looks like.

  • But that way.

  • So that screen booth starving.

  • Yo.

  • So happy to see you don't miss a long way.

  • Never got to do our ramen challenge a way.

  • Well, you're both way.

  • We're gonna do spicy Korean, Robin.

  • Okay, okay.

  • E o e o.

  • While in here, I actually momentarily forgot that I was in Korea.

  • Okay, the last.

  • Yeah, it's got that aesthetic to it.

  • Thank you.

  • Can you give me a brief rundown on this area because this is great.

  • Okay, so we're in Home Day, which is like the Night Life Capital Area of Seoul.

  • For younger people on diets, a big street performance areas.

  • It's got a very different field in Tokyo.

  • There's another park somewhere.

  • I haven't been able to locate it yet.

  • I went to, like, a couple years ago, but it's the same kind of deal.

  • It's in a park like started by trees.

  • A tree.

  • Mm.

  • Thank you so much for coming.

  • A probably fun e a t least Like I was wearing a helmet.

  • He did have a helmet on.

  • I noticed.

  • So many.

  • Just don't And it blows my mind.

  • Yeah, I'm looking forward to something greatly tonight.

  • And that's something I haven't done in a while.

  • Sleep?

  • Yeah.

  • E no, no helmet E Love that guy.

So it is 4.

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A Day in Seoul South Korea

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/12
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