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  • you know, you mentioned, you know, graduate from college, living at home.

  • I know there was a point in your life with your wife where you know, they shut off everything in your house and the electricity.

  • But then the way they shut off the water and it was a moment and that you use this word Shame when you said it, Ed.

  • And that's such a powerful word.

  • We know it is a negative word, but it can also be this real motivating word.

  • And I know it's something you still remember as a story.

  • Can you walk us through that period of your life?

  • And now, when you look back, why was that happening, Toe ed?

  • And what did he learn from it?

  • Yeah, I had actually made money, Bryant.

  • So I was a guy who had made money.

  • I owned a couple homes in my twenties, and but I had that thermostat setting man of the son of an alcoholic eso.

  • I built these sales skills and these speaking skills and, you know, and I knew how to influence.

  • And so I started to really make some money and save some money.

  • But in there there was a 65 degree or is a man how I really felt about myself So I somehow found a way.

  • By the time we did get married Thio Wow, I left a company I shouldn't have left and made an ego based decision.

  • My income dropped.

  • We had a house foreclosed on another house foreclosed on.

  • Then one morning.

  • Remember my wife come in, she goes.

  • She had to get a job to support us.

  • And she said, My God, someone stole our car.

  • I'm like, Oh my gosh!

  • Now the car stolen found out later that day It wasn't stolen.

  • It was repossessed power than water.

  • And you can live with everything off, Brother, you can't live with any water.

  • You have to have water.

  • And so every morning my wife and I would get up.

  • My newlywed.

  • We're newlyweds.

  • My new bride.

  • We get up at the apartment we were now living in.

  • Remember when we were engaged?

  • I had two homes and nice cars and money.

  • By the time we were married six weeks, I had no homes, one car, no electricity and no water.

  • And I went back to my identity and a lot of people can relate to this in their way.

  • No water.

  • We would get up every morning, gather our stuff.

  • It was cold out and our pool of the apartment complex.

  • There was a shower for the pool.

  • No protection, no privacy.

  • I hold a towel up while my wife would shower and brush your teeth outdoors.

  • All our neighbors knew Then we would switch and she'd hold the towel up.

  • And then we'd carry our our stuff back up to the apartment.

  • And it was shameful.

  • That is the word.

  • I was ashamed.

  • I was emasculated.

  • I was low as I've ever been in my life, even now.

  • And I've talked about it on other pros.

  • I don't know why.

  • Particularly today.

  • It's hitting me.

  • Um, that was a That was a point where my life could have gone the other direction.

  • That was a point where my life could have.

  • I don't know that there wasn't some moments there where I contemplated whether having a life was good the more I feel it today, I think I was really hurting as a man, really hurting as a man.

  • And so I was.

  • I was deeply ashamed.

  • Luckily, I had a loving wife who believed in me during that time and challenged me during that time.

  • But however, it was during that time that I found the business that ended up making me my first you know, 30 $40 million was when I was in that time.

  • And fortunately for me, I had enough of the tools.

  • Here's what happened.

  • I actually went.

  • I went.

  • I took money on a credit card and went to a Tony Robbins seminar.

  • During that time, I went away to a seminar and I was such a idiot.

  • The first night of the seminar, he makes you meet all these people I left.

  • So now I'm up in my hotel room, the seminars going on, I put it on a credit card that I have no money, I have no water.

  • And I will get your ass back down there.

  • And I got out of my hotel room and went back down into the seminar, and I think that was the beginning.

  • There wasn't a moment in that meeting, but that was the beginning of me starting to treat myself better on believing I was worthy of better.

  • And the rest is history.

  • Wow.

  • My wife.

  • Why don't you want Stop my wife?

  • Uh huh.

you know, you mentioned, you know, graduate from college, living at home.

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REALITY OF SHAME: Why You Need To Confront Your Shame To Progress Further In Life - Ed Mylett

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