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  • Surrounded by mountains and tranquil forests

  • Lake Nojiri is one of Nagano's best kept secrets.

  • When summer temperatures are high in the major cities

  • and cooling down is on everybody's minds

  • look no further than going to Lake Nojiri

  • where temperatures rarely reach 30 degrees Celsius.

  • This off the beaten track location offers a wide variety of summer activities

  • from walking in lush green forests

  • to water sports, to cycling, to eating delicious food,

  • there's something for everyone.

  • My name is Raina Ong, staff writer for

  • and today I'm on assignment exploring the area around lake Nojiri.

  • Here's the trip itinerary

  • On Day 1, we'll take the shinkansen to Nagano Station

  • where we will pick up our rental car.

  • Then, we'll make the scenic drive towards Lake Nojiri.

  • Our first stop will be lunch at a restaurant called Hokkori.

  • And then in the afternoon we'll go kayaking around the west side of the lake.

  • To end the day, we'll have dinner and spend the night

  • at the lakeside hotel called El Bosco.

  • Day 2 starts off after breakfast with a visit to Nojiriko Terrace

  • which is located midway up Mount Madarao

  • to take in the beautiful view of the entire area.

  • After that, we'll drive to the information center at Kurohime Station

  • where we'll go on a bicycle tour through rice fields

  • and eventually to Naena Waterfall

  • before returning to Kurohime Station.

  • With that, our trip comes to an end as we take our car back to Nagano Station.

  • So, follow along as I go on a 2-day summer getaway to Lake Nojiri.

  • Day 1

  • As we enter the town of Shinanomachi

  • our first stop is lunch at a quaint restaurant called Hokkori

  • an intimate restaurant run by a classically trained chef and his wife.

  • Each of the dishes highlights different locally grown ingredients.

  • As the seasons change, so does the menu, and I'm excited to get a taste of summer.

  • So I have my meal in front of me, and it's looking really really beautiful.

  • That's all I can say.

  • This meal is made up of mostly seasonal and local produce, like this asparagus right here

  • was grown in Shinanomachi as well as the soba flour that makes up the soba manju right here.

  • As well as this flower bean right here typically grows in the highlands.

  • Japanese rolled eggs.

  • My favorite.

  • Next we're moving on to the lake, which in summer is a great destination for water sports.

  • Here, I'll be taking a guided kayak tour offered by the Guesthouse LAMP

  • which is located on the west side of Lake Nojiri.

  • You can bring your own swimwear, or just rent everything like I'm doing.

  • So in the summer, water sports is a popular this to do here on Lake Nojiri.

  • And today I'm here with my guide and we're going kayaking!

  • I'm on the eastern side of the lake right now and the view here is just absolutely gorgeous.

  • Day 2

  • We've lucked out today with blue skies and

  • I'm on Nojiriko Terrace

  • on one of the five mountains that make up the Hokushingogaku Mountain Range.

  • And behind me I get to see all the other four mountains. How cool is that?

  • In the afternoon we're going on a bicycle adventure starting

  • from the tourist information center at Kurohime Station.

  • Here we'll rent bicycles, get a map of the cycling route

  • and meet our cycling guide.

  • I don't know if you can hear me because the waterfall is kind of loud

  • but Naenataki and the Seki River in front of me together form

  • a natural border between Nagano Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture

  • which means that I'm in two places at the same time!

  • And that concludes our trip to Lake Nojiri.

  • Thanks for joining me.

  • I hope this video has been enjoyable and perhaps even inspires some ideas should you decide

  • to plan a trip to Lake Nojiri.

  • For more information about Lake Nojiri or to watch another video

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  • first-hand from Japan.

  • Thanks for watching, and be sure to subscribe for more videos about Japan.

  • Happy travels.

Surrounded by mountains and tranquil forests

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2-Day Summer Trip from Tokyo to Lake Nojiri |

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