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  • We Visited Our Relatives Yesterday

  • (At school)

  • Tom: What did you do yesterday, Rita?

  • Rita: I studied English in the morning and jogged after lunch.

  • Rita: How about you?

  • Rita: Did you do anything special?

  • Tom: Yes.

  • Tom: I watched the movie Coco last night.

  • Tom: It's a movie about death, and it reminded me of my grandfather.

  • Rita: Your grandfather?

  • Tom: Yes. A few years ago, my parents were very busy.

  • Tom: My grandfather looked after me all the time.

  • Rita: That was nice.

  • Rita: You must really love him.

  • Tom: Yes. But he passed away last year.

  • Tom: I was very sad then.

  • Rita: I'm sorry.

  • Tom: It's OK.

  • Tom: I'm not so sad about his death now.

  • Tom: After all, I have so many happy memories with him.

  • Rita: What did you usually do with your grandfather?

  • Tom: We cooked breakfast together, and then he walked me to school.

  • Tom: After school, I played ball with him in the park.

  • Rita: That was so sweet!

We Visited Our Relatives Yesterday

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Nani B3 L1 Dialogue

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