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  • O wicked spirit born of a lost soul in limbo;

  • receive judgment from garb of the Holy Virgin;

  • cleansed of worldly impurities;

  • return to Heaven and Earth.

  • Repent!

  • Hey, angels!

  • You still continue to ignore us?

  • Such feeble minds...

  • What a pain.

  • We need to teach them a lesson, Kneesocks-san.

  • Yes, onee-sama.

  • May the earth shatter;

  • may the oceans dry;

  • may the sun extinguish itself;

  • grant upon us the power of Our Lord Satan in Hell.

  • We are demons!

  • High-class Commander Demons!

  • Scanty!

  • And her sister, Kneesocks!

  • Fastener!

  • What?! They're actually demons?!

  • Oh, now I get it.

O wicked spirit born of a lost soul in limbo;

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B2 US panty sama high class cleansed stocking limbo

Panty and Stocking VS Scanty and Kneesocks

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    Jacktom posted on 2014/05/27
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