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  • Hey, Food Tube. It's me Hannah Hart, host of the most excellent cooking programme online;

  • My Drunk Kitchen.

  • I'm in Jamie Oliver's kitchen because he invited me to his Christmas party

  • and the key to getting through any Christmas party is to drink profusely at the start of

  • it. Mulled wine.

  • Ahh. Oh no!

  • Ah god, Jamie's cake. Umm, this is how you make friends everything is good. Okay, so

  • I took a picture of it before, does this look about the same?

  • Oh no. So now that you've ruined Christmas and potentially

  • the Christmas party and arguably your blossoming friendship with one Jamie Oliver. It's time

  • to try and save the day. So, how do we make a Christmas cake?

  • Step one, find some conveniently placed brandied

  • fruit, add some more Brandy as a coping mechanism.

  • Mmm. Maybe add some to the fruit.

  • Mmmm. The next step is to add some butter and some

  • flour? Sugar? Brown sugar, why are you in this jar? I'm pre measured, pre measured,

  • pre measured yeaaah! Boop boop.

  • Here's a handy, dandy one handed egg cracking trick.

  • Wow! The trick is I tricked you into watching, and believing.

  • Oh no, appetising. No it's time to add treacle. Looks like vegemite, tastes like

  • regret. Ohh.

  • Just a little drizzle. Eurgh. Beating it. Remember it takes an hour to bake this cake

  • and Jamie's going to be here as far as I know any second. So don't dilly dally, add your

  • dry ingredients.

  • It's got a dry finish.

  • Flour. Mixed spices. Oh, sift.

  • Baking powder. Eurgh.

  • Putitin. Did I say put it in or put it tin. You'll never know.

  • Lay it flat using the tools god gave you. Or as I call them, hands.

  • Ey, you're doing great, or terribly. I mean really it's all about perspective. Now put

  • it in the oven for an hour at 350 or 180 I don't know countries are weird. How do you

  • know this isn't just going to catch fire? More drinks! Mmm.

  • Jamie Oliver's Food Tube, forgot. Presents? Probably for me.

  • It's! Oh, convenient Jamie's new book, the first edition was called Shave With Jamie

  • and was all about "manscaping". What else is Jamie Oliver going to give away

  • to the staff of Jamie Oliver's Jamie Oliver company. Oh, imagine that!

  • Save with Jamie. Just wait for his pregnancy edition, Crave

  • with Jamie about how to satisfy a woman's needs in her third trimester.

  • Bing, time's up. This look delicious.

  • Cake! Ta da! Good as new! Icing!

  • Ohh, oh. Why use water when you can have wine?

  • I think Jesus said that, happy Christmas. Where's more wine?

  • Mmm. Take your cake, put it near your face. Take your icing

  • and then really rethink your

  • plan. Add more icing sugar using what I call hand sifting.

  • This looks basically, whoa! Lesson learned! Great, crack on. Ahh!

  • Oh, what? A battery? Is this mace? Oh yeah, cool message from Food Tube, totally

  • subliminal but pretty surely stating that I'm totally screwed!

  • Hello? Who are you?

  • Who are you? I'm Jamie Oliver.

  • No you're not. Are you okay?

  • I feel really good. Um I'm sorry can I ask who you? Are you here to clean?

  • Look at me In the eyes. That's it. walk to me.

  • I never realised your eyes were so blue. Okay.

  • We've got a problem. I'm going to give you a hangover cure. If you're the cure, I'll

  • take the disease. Okay, so if you want to see my Bloody Mary

  • recipe it's incredible, really, really good. You can click on Hannah's site. Does that

  • sound good? And you can see that recipe. Or on the advent calendar on my channel just

  • subscribe and you'll see it tomorrow. Okay? See you in a bit

  • Bye Food Tube. I love you!

  • You love everyone! I do actually.

  • Hahaha. Right guys, subscribe, click on the link and

  • come on darling. Happy Christmas! Throughout December me and the rest of the

  • Food Tube family are giving you brand new videos every single day, subscribe to Food Tube it's

  • free. And together we'll make it the best Christmas ever.

Hey, Food Tube. It's me Hannah Hart, host of the most excellent cooking programme online;

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My Drunk Kitchen's Christmas Cake Chaos

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