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  • [Music]

  • Oh, lookit! It's our daughter!

  • It only takes a pandemic for her to call her parents!

  • Are you guys like okay and stuff?

  • We're fine. Never been better.

  • We just don't like to be in the same room.

  • We've been social distancing for decades.

  • Kelly, I want to say something.

  • Okay...

  • When you were growing up, I was pretty harsh on you

  • -And I gave your brother all the breaks.

  • I'm realizing now, you deserved better.

  • You deserved my support... and you didn't get it.

  • And... I'm sorry.

  • -Whore.

  • -What did you say? -Nothing.

  • 'Kay, so... someone said "whore."

  • -Yeah, it was Mom. Mom said it.

  • What I'm trying to say is-- Will you stop all the clinking in there?!

  • -Huh? -Hi, Mother Grandma!

  • Kelly, I love you. And I miss you.

  • 'Scuse me.

  • Dad, come back! That was beautiful.

  • He read a book and now he thinks he's "awoke."

  • New topic...

  • Why are you such a loser?

  • Mom, you don't get to talk to me that way.

  • I am not a loser. I am not a whore.

  • I am strong, I am beautiful, I am Kelly. Deal with it.

  • Now, I'm gonna go get a new outfit

  • 'Cause i've been wearing the same thing for 15 years.

  • -What is that, a mask? -Yeah, it's a mask and it's RAD!

  • If i hear another thing about a mask, I'm gonna lose it!

  • Just go yourself, Mom.

  • [Music]

  • masks

  • masks

  • -let's wear a mask -how's it goin'

  • -let's wear a mask -ew

  • let's wear a mask

  • let's wear a mask

  • these masks rule

  • this mask sucks

  • this mask rules

  • this mask SUCKS

  • [Music]

  • (betch)

  • [Music]

  • (betch)

  • [Music]

  • -Mother Grandma, you don't drink through it! -Huh?


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B1 INT US mask wear mask whore kelly wear music

Kelly "Masks"

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    Amy.Lin   posted on 2020/10/09
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