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  • tell me about your faith, man, because there's something you don't always talk about.

  • But I wanted to ask you about it because, you know, I want to know more about it, cause there's something seems to give you a lot of strength.

  • Is that something you had growing up?

  • Did you find it later?

  • Because it's an important part in your life.

  • I grew up around religion, but I wouldn't say that we're particularly faithful family that way.

  • I'm a really weird dude, brother.

  • I'm a believer in the quantum field and energy because I know that that exists.

  • And I know it's true.

  • Um, yet eso I guess you call me a new age of that way.

  • Yet I'm a Christian.

  • I believe that a greater God created that quantum field that's even greater.

  • And so I'm a weird combination like that.

  • But my faith has been a central part of my life, and I'm gonna tell you why.

  • I know how average and ordinary I am.

  • And so for this life to have happened to this man right here means there's been somebody greater than me guiding it and leading me along the way.

  • And I pray every night on my knees.

  • It's one thing I do every single night.

  • It humbles me.

  • It makes me feel small.

  • Um, it gives me comfort.

  • I turn it over to him.

  • My worries and my stresses and my anxieties and it z not a small part of my life.

  • It's a major part of my life.

  • I'm not a big church going person I used to be.

  • My relationship with God is personal.

  • Um, but what I got to tell people I tell you all the time is always think.

  • It's funny when someone says they have faith and they're just so sure like, No, I know who God is.

  • You don't know who God is.

  • I know who God is.

  • You know, that whole thing is just weird to me.

  • Um, and for me, mine is a relationship with God.

  • That means that ebbs and flows.

  • You say you have doubts.

  • Yes, it's a relationship.

  • That's why there's faith.

  • There are times where I'm wondering, why are you putting my dad through this chemotherapy?

  • Why did this two year old just get killed?

  • Right.

  • So do I question things?

  • Do I doubt things?

  • I have a relationship with God, just like with my wife.

  • There's times when it's good.

  • There's times when it's not so good.

  • But it's something I want toe work on and I do work on it and I stay connected to it.

  • And I just I just be honest with you, man.

  • If we did an interview about my life and I did not say that, I believe there's a God in heaven that's guided my life, we would be not giving a full characterization of my belief system because I do, because I'm a goofball and this life's turned out damn good.

  • And I'm very grateful to God for all of the blessings in my life.

  • And I believe that's where they come from for May, and it gives me great comfort.

  • And I appreciate you asking because it makes me feel good to say it out loud.

  • Yeah, I think it's not talked about enough.

  • I think some people try not to talk about it because they think about the alienate people.

  • That's why that's why it's always nice to hear you say it, Yeah, again, you say it suddenly in a lot of your interviews, but I never heard you really speak about it.

  • I want people to find their version of that s so I believe if you're in their face with it, they are repelled.

  • But I'm I'm I love God, brother, like I right before the interview, two minutes before, I just said a quick prayer.

  • Lord, just guide me.

  • Give me the words that the Holy Spirit take over and I don't not a holy roller.

  • By the way, all of you there listening to this I just told you a minute ago, I meditate every single day I plug into the quantum field.

  • I love the energy field I everything that I need exists there.

  • And so I Christians will be mad at me for saying that for some reason, this is why can I not believe that Jesus Christ or God created the quantum field is part of this divine creation?

  • Because I do believe that.

  • And so I probably enough on it.

  • But that's my belief system.

  • Wow.

  • My wife What?

tell me about your faith, man, because there's something you don't always talk about.

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PERSONAL FAITH: Why it Is Important To Have Faith And A Relationship With God - Ed Mylett

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