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  • hello it's jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question our

  • question today is how do i say survey and examination or study and service

  • helping others i actually have three words for you

  • um to really drive the point home about the

  • endings of this word so let's start with sir vey so sir is going to be the same

  • in all these words actually it changed my mind let's start with that

  • so to say sir you're going to start with that s sound

  • typically we make the s sound with our lips back

  • but because that er sound with square tense lips is coming you can see that my

  • lips are square and tenser to get ready for that sound sir

  • sir sir for that r don't forget tip of the tongue is down or flipped back

  • it is not touching your teeth and it is not moving

  • sir then we are going to move to that v sound to say a v

  • sound your lips are relatively pulled back they are not

  • puckered if you pucker your lips it'll sound like a

  • w w w and we wanna vvvv

  • so you can do a couple of things here so your lips are pulled back

  • you can either gently bite the outside of the bottom lip

  • or the inside of the bottom lip v v v

  • and when i say bite your your teeth are just really close to that point

  • and the air is going to move out and your voice box is on

  • and moving another mistake to avoid is do not put your lips together because

  • then that sounds like b b b so again lips open lips pulled back air

  • moving out

  • so we have sir v and then we're going to move to that

  • a and you can see to do that i open my mouth

  • a and then i smile while i do that my tongue moves from low

  • to high and flat vey

  • for surveys we have an s ending because the s

  • is after a vowel we are going to pronounce it as

  • a z if you're interested in the rule for this i do have classes i'll post that

  • um in the links below so we're going to do sir

  • vays to say that z sound your voice box is on and

  • moving and it's like you're saying an s sound your tongue is in the same spot

  • so it's either pointed down or behind the top front teeth that is just not

  • touching surveys surveys

  • surveys and then last for service the ending really changes here so we're

  • going to change that short i i i sound and you can see

  • my mouth is relatively closed it is open of course

  • um and it's going to be nice and short and my lips are not tense at all they're

  • relaxed i i i so we're not smiling lips i'm not saying

  • e it's nice and short i and then i'm going to end with the s and that

  • sound again tip of the tongue is down or behind the

  • top front teeth and your voice box is off service service

  • service let's give them all a try survey survey survey surveys

  • surveys surveys service service service and now for a sentence

  • service businesses send surveys to customers

  • give it a try people will definitely notice a difference

  • you know the drill we love a like a share and a subscribe

  • it really does help you can check out our products on google play and itunes

  • our classes at udemy and tarle speech and we hope to see you

  • next time thanks everyone have a great day

hello it's jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question our

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How to Pronounce SURVEY, SURVEYS, SERVICE- American English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/10/08
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