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  • I have never thought I will ever make a video on video games but recently I installed my

  • all time favorite game and started playing, I literally played for 2 straight hours and

  • wanted to continue, but that was too much already.

  • Just to be clear, I am not a gamer, and I have never been one ever since I was a little

  • kid because I have spent my childhood out there

  • in the streets, playing football and doing a lot of crazy stuff.

  • The only game that I played besides counter-strike was GTA.

  • back in the day when San Andreas was released, it was the best game of its time.

  • But some people play way too much.

  • I mean playing every single day for 4 or 5 hours seems ridicules to me unless it's your

  • job. and that all led me to the question, why on

  • earth video games are so addictive.

  • If you take a look at the most successful games out there such as assassins creed, GTA,

  • the witcher, call of duty, they all have few things in common.

  • They give you purpose!

  • Each of these games has a specific mission that you should accomplish, whether it's saving

  • the world or running away from cops when you have 5 stars.

  • ( if you know what I mean) And that's exactly what our lives are missing.

  • You wake up early, dress up nicely and spend your entire day working without knowing why.

  • Your life has pretty much everything except a purpose.

  • You are not feeling like you are accomplishing a certain mission or pursuing a bigger goal.

  • That's why you are not motivated in the first place, you don't have a purpose that's worth

  • living for.

  • you are just living, doing whatever crosses your way.

  • And then suddenly you have a video game in front of you that gives you that purpose.

  • Regardless of what kind of purpose.

  • Most importantly, its clear and you have a step by step plan to complete it.

  • You know exactly what kind of resources you need and why you need them,

  • whereas in real life when you ask your history teacher back in school why do you need history

  • in your life at all, he just shuts your mouth.

  • In such an environment, it's really difficult not to be addictive to video games.

  • In fact, the video games that failed miserably had the same things in common as our lives.

  • The objective is not clear, the mission is too vague and it is quite difficult to figure

  • out the purpose.

  • One of the fascinating things I find about video games is that you often don't give up.

  • I mean if you fail to pass a mission, you always stand up and try again and you can't

  • calm down until you complete that mission.

  • And every time you fail, you learn something new and after a couple of a few attempts,

  • you succeed and that gives a great feeling of accomplishment that drives you to move

  • to the next mission, but somehow when it comes to real life, we give up after the first failure,

  • we don't see the point of trying again.

  • Perhaps if we treat our lives more like video games, we might be more successful.

  • But the problem is that, in video games, the author already provides you with a purpose

  • and a plan while in real life you have to create your own purpose.

  • If someone else could come up with a fascinating purpose that inspired you, you definitely

  • can create one as well.

  • Because no one knows you better than yourself.

  • But remember, your goal should be as clear as it is in these successful video games.

  • when you a complete a mission, you always get rewarded, you might be given some cash

  • if you are playing GTA or bonuses if you are playing some other game.

  • In order to keep yourself motivated, reward yourself after each small accomplishment.

  • If you had a productive day and you completed the task you planned to.

  • Go and watch a movie, grab some snacks or whatever that you enjoy doing.

  • So instead of playing video games.

  • Start playing the game of life.

  • Good Luck!

I have never thought I will ever make a video on video games but recently I installed my

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Why Video Games Aren't A Waste Of Time

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