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  • And can we talk a little bit about you know, your backstory because we're making kind of some illusions to it.

  • But what if you could talk about it?

  • So you're born in Coventry right around there, and at some point it looked like you were gonna have just kind of another Typical life there on dure were really suffering from some depression, which led to kind of to anger and then toe looking into your fears.

  • And maybe we could just talk a little bit about that just to kind of set the scene of you know who Geoff Thompson was back then?

  • I mean, what were some of those things that kind of tripped into that evolution?

  • I was I was wanting to expand that side of the periphery of my small life, But every time I got to the periphery of it, every time I got to the ages, every time I try to expand the borders, I was turned away by fear by terror.

  • I didn't realize that I had to ultimately had to consume that.

  • I had to absorb that I had to go through that.

  • We call it the fire in thorns around the kingdom.

  • I had to go through that.

  • But every time I met it, I kept turning back inwards.

  • So this massive creative urge, but nowhere to place here I was.

  • I was suffering with periodic depression, which would literally wiped me out, would make me feel Leave me feeling terrified on this, You know, I'm gonna have a young family, and I was working.

  • So this twenties in my mid twenties.

  • Okay, I was the second round of the bloke in Coventry Guy who's also in a factory.

  • Okay.

  • The factory, but also severely depressed, not knowing what to do with it and not having anybody to talk to about it.

  • Not having a book like yours to read about it because no one had written anything like, No, there was nothing I could find that that would Yeah, that you could relate to.

  • You know, there's nothing at all.

  • Um then just something happened.

  • I would say this was my first communication with my soul.

  • I just wonder was in the pits of depression.

  • I just found this anger.

  • I just thought I'm not having this anymore.

  • I'm not having it.

  • I'm not putting up with this anymore.

  • So I just decided I had just had this idea to write down everything I was afraid off on systematically confront it.

  • One by one I drew a pyramid on a piece of paper Again, The idea just dropped into my head like a coin falling through water.

  • I wrote my least fear on the bottom step.

  • My worst fear on the top.

  • Step on my systematically started to confront these fears.

  • I started to intercourse with them.

  • I started to call them out on one by one that I overcame these fears.

  • I developed desensitization to the biology.

  • You know the adrenaline.

  • I reclaim parts of myself.

  • So the part where all the fears were residing, there were places that was there were squatters.

  • So when I got rid of these fears, I would confront of fear and keep confronting it until the fear dissipated.

  • So the nature of the fear would be liberated on their fortunes.

  • The energy that was in the fear would come back to me so I would reclaim thes little parts.

  • As I started to climb the pyramid, I recognized that the fears I've written down spiders fear of dentists were kind of placeholders.

  • They were covering deeper fears.

  • I was afraid of my wife.

  • I was afraid of confrontation with my wife.

  • I was afraid of my mother.

  • I was afraid of any kind of confrontation.

  • I was afraid of change.

  • I love my wife.

  • Why my wife?

  • Yeah.

And can we talk a little bit about you know, your backstory because we're making kind of some illusions to it.

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I'M NOT TAKING IT: Why Geoff Thompson's Life Was Defined By Terror Whilst Growing Up In Coventry

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