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  • Oh, we're in bigger trouble the most people actually want to think about.

  • We've got an economic system that no longer works well enough for everybody.

  • Many people ask, How does my child have a better life than I do in the developed world and can't now that they can't come up with an answer?

  • Nor can the political on technocratic elites that make the decisions.

  • They don't have an answer either.

  • So the economy we have evaporating consent for democracy, for the rule of law, for the concept of universal human rights.

  • Ah, third crisis again.

  • Not well enough, Understood.

  • But there is what I call the crisis of algorithmic control Elites and states are increasingly able to use the vast asymmetries of power and information between them and us to not only know our thoughts and behaviors, as you will know if you use Google or Facebook or Amazon, but increasingly to predict them and therefore to control them.

  • On this triple crisis off economic Stasis off falling consent for the old institutions on for rising use of algorithmic and machine control of human beings constitutes to me, ah, whole a big thing that we can link together starting in 2000 and eight, with the Lehman Brothers crisis morphing into the 2011 uprisings from Egypt to Spain to Greece occupy Wall Street.

  • I know the attack on truth and the war on truth, I came to the conclusion that the crisis of the neo liberal system has resulted in a crisis of the neo liberal self.

  • Neoliberalism, for me is the coercive introduction by the state off market norms of behavior.

  • It's all parts off everyday life.

  • Michelle Fuko writing at the dawn of the neo liberal era, Warner's what We will become entrepreneurs of the self as the neoliberal system embedded itself into our lives we increasingly conformed on.

  • Performed into this Kabuki theater style of interaction, we became two dimensional in the literal sense of Homo economic us for Mill and Co.

  • And Homo economics was a thought experiment.

  • What if people on Lee judged everything in terms off market interactions?

  • But the Selves we built to cope with the violent introduction of neoliberalism were Selves that actually did non metaphorically interact in this way.

  • A great example of that would be supposed someone in your town decides that they want to build a new library, from the local newspaper to the library in to the local councilor.

  • The question would be, Is it good for the economy of Swindon or whatever?

  • We learned not to ask the question.

  • Is it Is it good just because we want to read more books?

  • It's almost become a knee jerk that we that we reduce everything to the Homo economic form of questioning.

  • But the problem here became that the outcome will be that we became eminently governable.

  • Who has agency in that photograph?

  • Everybody's just taking photos of him.

  • There's one person with agency in that photograph.

  • Hannah Arendt called this the temporary alliance of the elite on the mob, and that's what we're seeing all over the world.

  • What the elite wants could be summed up by one word.

  • Chaos.

  • Chaos from which they prosper.

  • If you are Renaissance Technologies.

  • Robert Mercer, Trump's biggest backer, to the tune of Million's releases, Technologies has a machine that understands the world better than anybody else does.

  • It's a neural, linguistically programmed artificial intelligence on it can trade volatilities better than anybody else.

  • Ergo, the more volatility there is, the better Steve Bannon on Breitbart's bright but trades on fear on chaos.

  • That's what it reports.

  • All rapes in Sweden.

  • Art Migrant rapes for format for Breitbart's the MAWR, the better for business on for the Coke industries.

  • They didn't back Trump, where they backed the Republicans in the last election.

  • Again, you could say What if you are an avowed anarcho capitalist who believe the government should literally not exist on that the survival of the fittest should literally govern everybody's lives.

  • Then again, what you want is chaos, and this guy Trump is just the wrecking ball.

  • He is the chaos engine.

  • But what do the mob want?

  • What are the people holding the chanting, The C word?

  • Hillary Clinton?

  • On the rest.

  • What do they want?

  • Well, what when you interview them, What they want is white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, climate denial, anti anti vaccination.

  • That's that's their meat and drink of their ideology.

  • But our rent in the full quote says something I think we should learn from, she says about the Nazis.

  • What the mob wanted on what Goebbels gave them was access to history, even at the price of destruction, a pregnant phrase.

  • They want the reversal of history, the man I interviewed on the Trump inauguration who could not accept climate change, could not accept it because he was a cattle farmer from Tennessee, he says.

  • If climate change is right, I have to give up my I have to pay a tax on if I have to pay a tax.

  • My Children don't get my wealth at the end.

  • So climate change can't be writing.

  • Haven't you heard about the camel skeleton that has been recently found under the Antarctic?

  • We are asked to be sympathetic to such people toe worry about the bleak lives that they live in flyover country in America on about their supposed poverty.

  • But there's enough evidence drawn from surveys that it's not poverty or bleakness on its own that is, driving people in this direction.

  • It is the desire to reverse history, just as aren't predicted.

  • But what makes it possible for them?

  • Toe win.

  • As I say, the important thing about this picture is that we're looking at a state where Onley elites have agency.

  • This is not an aberration from the neoliberal era.

  • Trump himself is merely a national neoliberal.

  • He is.

  • This is Thatcherism, in one country because of the crisis of the global economy.

  • It's become necessary for the elites to compete with each other using deregulation rather than to cooperate with each other using deregulation.

  • That's what trumpism Boston, Yaro, Orban, Brexit to me is.

  • But what they're required to play on is a thing that neoliberalism itself created a folk religion of fatalism.

Oh, we're in bigger trouble the most people actually want to think about.

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Crisis of the Reversal of History with Paul Mason

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