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  • I'm Don Varney of Varney Speaks and on behalf of Expert Village. Today we're going to talk

  • about the interview process. Let's take a moment and talk about some of the types of

  • questions that you could be asked during the interview process. Sometimes the questions

  • are misleading because we're taking them personally when they're really talking professionally.

  • A good example would be if they were to say to you, tell me about yourself. You're sitting

  • there saying, well I like to go hunting on the weekends. I like to go camping and take

  • my family fishing, and I really enjoy that. Well, great answer, but that's not what they're

  • asking. When they say tell me about yourself, they are asking you to tell them about yourself

  • in this job environment. They want to hear I enjoying coming to work with people that

  • I get around and I have a good time with. I like an atmosphere of friendliness. Your

  • company being a company that specializes in public relations and customer service, well

  • this is the environment that I like and it would work well for me to work well in your

  • environment. That would me in line with what they're really asking when they say tell me

  • about yourself. When they ask about strengths and weaknesses, again, they're not asking

  • you for you to really tell them I'm very good at this and I'm weak at this, but in essence,

  • they may be asking you about how that would apply to the work force, to the workplace

  • where you are actually going to go to work. One of the simplest examples is you might

  • say, I was told early on in my career that listening was a weakness. I didn't listen

  • very well because I was always ready to answer whatever it was they were saying. The good

  • news was they were right and I figured that out, so what I've done now is I've taken a

  • weakness of not listening very well. I've taken classes on it, I've read books on it,

  • I've done studies on it, and over the last few years what I've determined is I really

  • wasn't a good listener, but now I really trained myself to understand the importance to listening

  • to the person before I try to answer.

I'm Don Varney of Varney Speaks and on behalf of Expert Village. Today we're going to talk

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview : How to Answer Job Interview Questions

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