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  • everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's

  • question is another embarrassing mistake these are actually great suggestions our

  • word is that which refers to a specific thing fat which means someone weighs too

  • much and fart passing gas or flatulence so let's take

  • a look at these words and learn how to say them so you aren't embarrassed so

  • word number one that we typically don't tell people in America that they are fat

  • so you want to make sure that you learn how to say the word that and so you

  • don't say fat instead that would be very embarrassing so we're gonna start with

  • the f sound let's look at the difference between the F and the th this

  • is a very confusing combination for many of my students for the th we're going to

  • stick your tongue out of your mouth th and you're going to allow the air to move

  • over the top of your tongue to do this you must leave space between your teeth

  • and your tongue because I am very advanced at this because I've been doing

  • it all my life I actually just have a little divot in my tongue where the air

  • comes out and that's fine I do tell my students try not to touch your teeth at

  • all because then this will avoid making that T sound by touching your teeth also

  • when you stick your tongue out of your mouth that will avoid you making the

  • f sound and the sound this F sound is made by gently biting your top teeth to the

  • inside of your bottom lip and some people do it to the outside of the

  • bottom lip f f either is fine and the air is going to keep moving out of your mouth

  • so we have ff and th th and in this case we're actually going to voice this th sound in

  • this word and it's going to have your voice box on and moving and it's going

  • to be that that that so we have fat and that fat and that make sure for

  • the vowels let's move on to that next for this short a sound that your mouth

  • is open in a wide circle when you open your mouth and a wide circle that will

  • help you get the tip of your tongue really low in your mouth and the back of

  • your tongue will be pulled up ah ah ah you can even see my tongue there ah so

  • we have fat and that so what happens here with this fart why do people say

  • that instead of fat or that all right so right here we have the ARE vowel and

  • to do that you're going to open your mouth wide to allow that tongue to get

  • flat in your into the bottom of your mouth with the back pulled up and then

  • you're going to move to that er sound ARE I hear people kind of skip that R sound

  • because their mouth isn't tense enough to be an a tense square at the end and

  • it sounds more like an a sound and then when that happens that's when you might

  • have people think that you're saying fat but also if you're not really quite sure

  • what you're doing and you move your mouth a little too much then it could

  • sound like fart so let's give all those words a try fat fart that fat fart that

  • I'm gonna add one more word here and that word is vat which would be a giant

  • container to hold things and this mistake would be heard if you are

  • voicing that F sound if you voice the F sound vv vv it sounds like

  • a V so we would have vat that fart and fat so let me give you my sentence did

  • that fat man fart give it a try I know people are going to notice the

  • difference if you found this helpful and you enjoyed this give us a like and a

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  • iTunes and I hope to see you again to morrow thank you so much

everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's

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How to Pronounce FAT, FART, THAT, VAT - English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/09/16
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