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  • hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question we have

  • a follow-up to last week's lesson on the y versus j sounds and today our words

  • are how do I say mayor and how do I say major so let's go ahead and look at the

  • words so a mayor is an elected official and major means important or

  • significantI'm going to give you two different ways to pronounce the word

  • mayor I found that in teaching my students

  • some people prefer one to the other so let's go ahead and first talk about the

  • Y versus the J sound in case you missed the lesson last week so for the Y

  • sound what you want to think about doing is making your lips a little more wide

  • open and the tip of your tongue is going to be down away from the teeth and you

  • can actually touch the back of the tongue the outsides of the back of the

  • tongue on the insides of the top teeth y y and your tongue is going to be

  • stable and it's not going to be moving for the J sound the j sound my mouth

  • is definitely rounded and I am going to touch the tip of my tongue to the back

  • of my top front teeth and then move it back so the tongue is going to move for

  • the j sound so we have the y versus the j so when we look at these

  • two words let's start with the beginning syllable number one is going to be our

  • stressed syllable and we are going to make sure that that syllable is louder

  • has a longer vowel and is a little bit higher in pitch than the second syllable

  • may and we're going to start by putting the lips together may and then open and

  • move to a smile for that long a may may for mayor you can just end with an er

  • may er may er may er you can say may yer may yer with the Y sound

  • this really confuses especially my Spanish speakers so if that Y kind of

  • confuses you just say her it's not a big deal

  • mayor or make your mayor mayor so for major what you're going to do is

  • you're going to end that second syllable with the j for the jer may jer

  • major so we have mayor mayor mayor major major major mayor major

  • mayor major so the mayor proposed major changes to the transportation system

  • give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference please give us a

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  • Google Play and iTunes and I hope to see you guys again next week thanks so much

  • bye-bye

hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question we have

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How to Pronounce MAYOR & MAJOR- English Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/09/16
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