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  • You think the playoffs are a gift you get every year?

  • You think the gods of this game have a soft spot

  • for those pretty hazel eyes?

  • It's here and it's gone, boy.

  • One minute you're in the dance, but the next you're on the Timber Wolves.

  • And you're stuck praying for ping pong balls

  • for the rest of your forgotten career.

  • The Wizards are getting stronger!

  • John Wall is no longer a boy.

  • And they're coming for our rings.

  • You're the best player in Boros,

  • and you're afraid of some scrubs from Washingvale?

  • Dynasties fall, Lord Riley.

  • Ah, dynasties fall. But you're forgetting one thing.

  • We have dragons!

  • (roaring)

  • Barneese, Maister Cole said I'm out for the season.

  • What if I never play again?

  • Boozer.

  • As the trade stipulates, you must sate one of my daughters.

  • My daughter Jody, my daughter Jordan,

  • my daughter Chris or my daughter Weasley.

  • It's Wesley.

  • Shut up!

  • I saw him with me own eyes!

  • - Russel? - They're coming!

  • Russel! Calm down. Who's coming?

  • The Spurs.

  • (roaring)


You think the playoffs are a gift you get every year?

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Game of Thrones, NBA Edition (Game of Zones)

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    Halu Hsieh   posted on 2014/05/24

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