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  • hi everyone happy year of the rat I have a quick video for you today on

  • pronouncing the word rat I often hear the word rat or rodent pronounced as rut

  • which means a hole in the ground and we often use this word to describe maybe

  • tire ruts which would be marks made in the ground from driving and we want to

  • say the word rat so to say the word rat correctly let's start with that R sound

  • to make the R sound correctly you want to make sure the tip of your tongue is

  • down point it down into the bottom of your mouth or the tip of the tongue is

  • flipped back do not touch your teeth for this sound another tip is make sure that

  • your mouth is Square and tense and this will help and make that sound long and

  • strong

  • next we're going to move to the AH sound and to do this helps of you open your

  • mouth wide because that will help you get the tip of your tongue low into your

  • mouth and the back of your tongue is going to be pulled up a bit ah and then

  • we're gonna end with the teeth and to do this touch the tip of your tongue to the

  • back of your top front teeth rat rat rat you will hear some people say rat and the

  • reason is is that they are not exploding that final T their tongue is just

  • staying behind the top of their back front teeth so again last time let's

  • give that a try rat rat rat happy year of the rat

  • wishing you all joy and happiness and prosperity in the year of the rat thank

  • you everybody have a happy Lunar New Year

hi everyone happy year of the rat I have a quick video for you today on

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How to Pronounce RAT ? - English Pronunciation - Lunar New Year ? Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2020/09/16
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