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  • Hi, I'm candy and today I'm going to share with you my skin care regimen.

  • I have been doing the same skin care regimen I want to say for at least 20 years.

  • I've always been pretty particular about my skin care regimen since high school.

  • That has probably a lot to do with where I grew up.

  • I grew up in Japan and Japan has always been a leading industry and skin care products.

  • So at a young age, I was kind of Todd or I saw on TV, and I've seen my mother, you know, take very good care of their skin.

  • And the one thing that I always did and I still do today is I always wash my face in the shower at night before I go to bed.

  • So I know a Western cultures.

  • It's more customary to take a shower in the mornings, but in Japan we typically like Thio.

  • We typically take our showers or baths at night before we go to bed, and I think this is the most important time.

  • Thio prep your skin for products because if you shower and wash your face in the shower, opens up your pores So when you you know when you apply your nighttime regimen, it's your skin is ready to absorb those products.

  • So I always make it a point not to just wash my face in the sink, but actually go wash my face in the shower.

  • And that way my pores open up and it's ready.

  • Thio, take those products in.

  • Okay, so I just got out of the shower.

  • And before I get into my skin care routine, I want to say that I did use This is what I used in the shower.

  • It's a foaming face wash, and right now I'm using this one and I actually like it.

  • I like the phone that does remove all of the makeup, which I usually have on blush and concealer, and it moves, removes it nicely, and I kind of go back and forth with different products or face wash products.

  • Before this, I was using Neutrogena.

  • Sometimes that is really nice ones, but in the end, I'm not really picky with Face wash as long as it's kind of like a foaming type of face wash, and that it removes my makeup a little toe with little effort like I don't wanna have to scrub my face, and this is a really great job.

  • First product that I apply I always apply is moisturizer, and I sometimes also add a couple drops of face oil, depending on how my skin feels.

  • And if it's feeling extra dry, I'll add the face oil to the moisturizer.

  • But if it's on most normal days, I just simply apply moisturizer.

  • Don't forget your neck area to.

  • That's something that I used to always forget when I was younger, and now I, you know, always make it a point to remember toe rub.

  • Also the moisturizer on my neck.

  • Okay, so the next step is I always applied some sort of eye cream and or eye serum, and right now I am using this one from Pharmacy.

  • And what I really like about this is the texture.

  • It's really bouncy, which I've never had or used.

  • An ice cream that was bouncy like this.

  • And the main thing for me is I have dark circles, and I also am starting to see a fine line as I'm getting older.

  • So I wanna make sure that the products that I use her super moisturizing So for the next day, when I'm applying my concealer that it really, you know, takes the concealer well, where it doesn't dry up and crack and then makes the fine lines of people worse, which I don't want that to happen.

  • The last thing I apply is a lip balm or lip moisturizer.

  • I mean, different products call it different things are, they say, in a different way.

  • But for me, I started using a lip balm.

  • Actually, last year I used to never use it, but my lips are really dry recently, so it's been kind of important for me to apply this right before I go to bed, and it really does help.

  • The next morning, my lips or moisturized, I could wear lipstick without getting to dry and crack E, which I don't normally wear lipstick.

  • I usually wear a lip balm, or, I mean a gloss of some sort.

  • But when I do wanna wear lipstick, if I have a lip balm on the night before, it really does help to keep the lips moisturized.

  • Now, in the winter months, on my lips or extra guy, what I'll do is I will apply a lip scrub.

  • It exfoliates the lips, and it really moisturizes and conditions it.

  • So I really liked this product.

  • Um, you know, when I, like, scrub it and then I rinse it off and then I apply the lip balm gin.

  • Morning.

  • So I just got up about an hour ago, Had my breakfast and e got nothing on my face.

  • Just woke up.

  • I'm gonna show you my morning skincare routine, so I do not wash my face in the morning.

  • I stopped doing this a little while ago after my mom said that she stopped doing it and she said she stopped doing it because her dermatologist told her that as you age, you don't want to really wash your face in the mornings and strip all the oils off your face because you wash your face at night.

  • You don't.

  • You know you're not getting dirty while you're sleeping, so you know, there's no need to wash your face in the morning as well.

  • So at first I was a little bit hesitant about not washing my face in the morning.

  • I don't know.

  • I just felt like it was gonna feel icky.

  • But once I started doing it.

  • I was okay with it.

  • Um, now I do still put something on my face.

  • What I do is I take a toner and I put it on a cotton swab, and then I wiped that on my face.

  • And that way I feel a little bit more refreshed, as opposed to just doing absolutely nothing.

  • All right, So after apply tone or the next thing is moisturizer or a day cream with SPF in it s o depending on the day.

  • If I am just, you know, staying home or, you know, taking my dog out for a walk.

  • I'm just going to use a regular day cream with SPF of usually like 15 to 20.

  • And if I am going to be going out that day, what I typically do is I'll apply a tinted moisturizer and usually tinted moisturizer start from 15 SPF.

  • And I believe that when I have right now is ah, 30 fpf.

  • All right, well, that is my skin care routine.

  • So I guess the main points to take away from it is thio.

  • Make sure, Thio, What I do is I make sure thio wash my face in the shower at night so that my pores open up for when I apply my nighttime regimen measurement or a skin care products.

  • And then in the morning, I no longer wash my face in the morning.

  • What I do is I put some toner on a cotton ball, and then I wiped my face with that.

  • So those are the two main things that I make sure to do every day for my skin care routine.

  • If you like this video and give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to our channel until next time E.

Hi, I'm candy and today I'm going to share with you my skin care regimen.

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