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  • What would the best year of your life look like?

  • This is perhaps the most important question you could ever ask yourself.

  • What would my greatest life look like?

  • What would it look like?

  • And how am I going to achieve it?

  • If you want the right answers, you must ask the right questions.

  • If you aren't asking the right questions, how do you expect to get the answers that could change your life forever, Starting with the most important question of your life?

  • What would my greatest life look like?

  • This will lead you to a place most people never go inside inward, deep within yourself when you know what you really want, what you need to be happy.

  • Then you can start the process off working toward it.

  • You can start the process of removing everything that holds you back from it.

  • You can make the hard decisions much easier, knowing it is for the greater good.

  • The long term reward, the future happiness, peace, joy.

  • You will live with clarity, a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

  • So ask yourself the question.

  • What would my greatest life look like?

  • Pause.

  • Be silent and let the answers flow naturally right?

  • The answers down, right?

  • Whatever comes to you, what feelings would you need to feel consistently to be living your greatest life?

  • How could you feel those feelings more often?

  • Who would be in your life if you were living your greatest life ever?

  • What kind of people?

  • How can you attract more of those kind of people?

  • What physical health standards would you be living in your greatest ever life?

  • How are you going to get to that point?

  • Break it down and start working toward it immediately.

  • When you feel something when you taste how great your life will be if you take action, do not wait.

  • You must take immediate action.

  • Those who take immediate action are the Onley people who get the results they deserve.

  • If you wait, you might be waiting forever.

  • How do you have to step up to live your greatest ever life?

  • Are you willing to make that sacrifice?

  • What amount of income would you be earning to be living your greatest ever life?

  • What would you be doing toe earn that income?

  • And how can you start working towards making that a reality for yourself?

  • Write down the answers to all these questions.

  • Then break down how you can achieve everything you desire in your life.

  • Your life in one year from today could be unrecognizable from the one you are living.

  • Now, if you are willing to let go of the old you are you willing?

  • Another great variation of this question, which will keep your mind fresh and looking for the good in each day, is toe.

  • Ask yourself every morning.

  • What would my greatest day look like today?

  • Then spend a few moments practicing intention.

  • Close your eyes and practice intention for this day.

  • Picture everything you want from this day.

  • Not material things, but feelings.

  • How are you going to feel today?

  • See yourself laughing and you will attract more laughed.

  • Intend Mawr joy and you will see more joy.

  • Intend Mawr.

  • Great conversations, kindness, compassion.

  • Great people hugs whatever you want from each day, and more of those things will show up.

  • Remember, if you want a great answer, ask a great question.

  • Ask yourself what makes you happy?

  • Ask yourself how you can grow and develop yourself.

  • Ask yourself what negative aspects can be cut from your life and what positive aspects can you add?

  • Ask yourself the right questions.

  • Be willing to accept the answers that come through you and take action so you can live that life, the life you deserve your best ever life E.

What would the best year of your life look like?

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