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  • Regardless of who you or where you are, you definitely sit a lot.

  • And that's normal in today's world.

  • Think about it, when you wake up the first thing that you do is sit down and have a breakfast

  • then you have to get into your car or a bus to sit to get to your workplace and once you

  • are there, you are probably going to sit for hours to do your job and when you get back

  • home, you will sit again to relax and watch something.

  • You might not see anything wrong with that, but our bodies weren't built to sit all

  • the time but instead were built to move.

  • That's why sitting is actually very unhealthy.

  • I know the idea that sitting can be harmful seems ridiculous at first thought because

  • sitting is our default posture when we work, study, socialize or travel.

  • However, studies after studies have proven that its one of those things that are slowing

  • killing you from inside.

  • When you sit down, your blood flow significantly slows down, and it creates pressure and makes

  • it difficult for your heart to pump the blood.

  • In fact, studies have shown that sitting more than 10 hours a day can lead you to develop

  • heart decease, diabetes, cancer or even premature death.

  • For instance, if you stand up and move every 15 minutes, you are going to live significantly

  • longer than someone who would move every half an hour, and he will live longer than someone

  • who stands ups and stretches every hour or so.

  • Despite the benefits of exercising which we covered in previews videos, it's far more

  • important how often do you move different parts of your body.

  • In fact, if you spend an hour every day in the gym but then spend the rest of your day

  • sitting, you are minimizing the benefits of that exercise.

  • But that's just part of the problem because your body doesn't burn fat as much as it

  • does when you are moving around, so you are more likely to gain extra weight.

  • But the main question is, how is that going to affect your brain?

  • When you are sitting, You are slowing down your blood flow and limiting the amount of

  • oxygen getting into your bloodstream, which eventually slows down your brain because your

  • brain needs both of them to function at its best.

  • In other words, sitting down to focus on your work is a bad idea which sounds ridiculous.

  • And we didn't even talk about possible back problems, because when you are sitting, you

  • are putting too much pressure on your spinal disc.

  • It might not be dangerous in the short run, but over time, it can damage the disk and

  • lead to series back problems.

  • So what should you do?

  • Move!

  • It's as simple as that.

  • Your body requires movement to function properly.

  • You don't have to run a marathon or spend 5 hours a day in the gym.

  • Squatting, stretching or merely walking is more than enough to keep you healthy.

  • Start by stretching your legs, arms, and torse, then take a short walk and then finish it

  • with a few squats.

  • It depends on you how often you want to do this, but make sure that you force your body

  • to move every 30 half an hour at least.

  • Honestly, I wasn't really aware of this myself, but after some research, I decided

  • to experience that by myself before recommending it.

  • I was working while standing most of the time for the last few days and believe or not,

  • I realized that I started concentrating better and it was easier to focus on what I was doing.

  • So I couldn't let this go without suggesting it to you.

  • So if you have found this video helpful, make sure you hit that like button, and if you

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  • you for watching, and I will see you in the next one.

Regardless of who you or where you are, you definitely sit a lot.

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Here is Why You Should Stop Sitting!

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