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  • Dorian Yates.

  • What did he contribute to Mr Olympia to the era?

  • And when you think about him is a bodybuilder.

  • What's the first thing you think about?

  • And what did he contribute to this board doing?

  • It was one of the first guy to step on stage, you know, as like, a like a mass monster type guy with a lot of a lot of big muscles.

  • A lot of, uh, a lot of, you know, good.

  • You know, separation, conditioning.

  • He had the had the big muscles in the conditioning that that nobody had ever brought to the stage before.

  • He was the first guy I ever do that.

  • Yeah.

  • And you think he did that?

  • Probably because he was on his own with no people surrounding him.

  • And in his mind, that was the way he decided.

  • Thio attack that puzzle.

  • He said, I'm gonna do it this way.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • You figure it out for himself.

  • Basically, E.

  • And I think the conditioning he brought, um, you know, meant that everybody else on stage was like, Man, if Dorian's gonna come that conditioned, that means I gotta work my butt off next year.

  • Ah, lot more than I would have normally done.

  • I mean, you see Dorian in like, 92 man.

  • I mean, he looks like a skeleton in his face.

  • I mean, he's so conditioned, but it meant to everybody else on the stage.

  • You better step your game up if you wanna play exactly on.

  • And that's and that's that's That's basically guy who says the training you know on the sport is always Mr Libya, the winner for that year or whatever.

  • If you are fortunate left the when, you know, Uh, 34 or five, you know, that's that's when you control an era.

  • And then you establish an era also by doing that and then you establish the standards, and then you can kind of own those standards.

  • If you deliver every year, right.

  • And then the judges start to think of you as the standard right, and as long as you can maintain it, you could hold your era.

  • But there will always be some breaking point, right?

  • You're gonna always, uh, you know, get to a point where you can't do continue thio to do it.

  • You know, there's only so long that you can hold that you know type of conditioning.

  • So only so many years of what they were trying to say.

  • You know, you're gonna always get caught up with father time.

  • Always.

  • Yeah, well, Dorian had his tricep Thorne.

  • I mean, he competed that last Olympia with it was almost Thorne.

  • I mean, he thought he was.

  • He said he was worried about it tearing when he was posing.

  • Um, and that Yeah.

  • And that really ended his You were there?

  • Yeah.

  • Wow.

  • And so if Dorian brought that to the table, what was your air about?

  • What will people look back and say with Ronnie Coleman era was all about this.

  • What did you bring?

  • Well, I'll try to do the same.

  • Anything we're doing, we're doing it.

  • But just on a hi weight scale, you know, I got all we have to like to 95 you know, stage with the conditioning and stuff.

  • And, you know, I don't know how how Dorian went, but I think mine was just a little bit higher than here.

  • It's a little bit not too much more, but a little bit higher.

  • And, you know, with longer rain too.

  • The longer you up there, the harder.

  • You gotta work for the most part.

  • That's where it was for me.

  • That's the way I looked at it, you know, Uh, so every year you're tryingto I'll do the last year.

  • I get better from the last year and that's what I was trying to do every single year.

  • Get better from last year.

  • And you really have to put in some work to do that.

  • Because you know how hard you had to work you before and you're trying to work harder.

  • Died harder, you know, train harder, sacrifice mawr, If that's possible.

  • My house, my while stop my wife.

Dorian Yates.

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HOW DORIAN YATES CHANGED BODYBUILDING: "He Had Conditioning That Nobody Had Seen" | Ronnie Coleman

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