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  • Let me start this video by stating that I have a long history of taking really really

  • bad decisions.

  • Sometimes I look back and think, what on earth were I thinking about when I chose to do that.

  • But when I look around, it seems like I am not the only one with so many horrible choices.

  • The whole thing is really weird to me because for some reason You are naturally expected

  • to make good decisions.

  • If you are a normal person without any brain damages, you should be able to realize the

  • common sense.

  • But let's be honest, common sense isn't always so common.

  • It's only after you decide, you realize that you did you messed up.

  • You might do something dumb for various reasons, even your mood can affect your decision.

  • In fact, significantly.

  • We are never taught how to take better decisions, not in school, nor in college, even most of

  • our parents do not really teach us that and yet we are expected to make great decisions

  • all the time.

  • And the unfortunate part about it is that you are expected to make some of the most

  • important decisions of your life while you are still a little teenager.

  • I am definitely not the most qualified person to tell about how to take way better decisions,

  • but after analyzing my bad decisions, I have learned a few things that really helped me

  • to take better decisions later on.

  • Keep in mind that, Your life is basically the result of the decisions you have taken,

  • so its quite important to learn more about it.

  • You might not know that, but your brain uses more energy than any other organ in your body.

  • Primarily because it does the most important job which is thinking.

  • So what happens usually is that most people take a lot of unnecessarily decisions every

  • day and drain most of their brain energy and by the time you have to take an important

  • decision, your brain literally won't have enough energy to process every option properly

  • to take the right decision.

  • In fact, your brain will aim to choose the easiest option which often isn't the best.

  • And that's why common sense isn't always common.

  • If you would have thought about it in the morning when you just woke up, you probably

  • would have taken a completely different decision since your brain would be in its full capacity.

  • Of course, you can't suddenly get rid of day to day decisions but what you can do is to

  • automate them as I do.

  • Instead of choosing what to wear every time, I literally have only a few clothes in my

  • wardrobe that I wear usually.

  • Even if its a special occasion, I limit myself to only a couple of choices.

  • I eat in a few places all the time and choose from a narrow list of options that I have

  • made up.

  • Instead of thinking every time whether I should work now or take a break, I have a specific

  • schedule because it makes the whole process much easier, faster and more productive.

  • So that I can save my brain energy for far more important decisions.

  • And I never take an important decision late in the evening because I know that I have

  • already drained most of my brain resources and chances are that I will screw up are high.

  • So I just postpone it to the next morning.

  • Remember, The fewer decisions you take, the more quality decisions you make.

  • And be careful when you take someones advice.

  • People love to talk and express their opinions, but often their opinions aren't always in

  • your best interest.

  • I am not saying that you should be the arrogant guy who doesn't listen to anyone, however,

  • be somewhere in the middle because your friend who might want to help you might not be aware

  • of the everything that will affect your decision.

  • and don't let your preconceptions ruin your judgment.

  • I mean we all have some sort of opinions about everything, and usually, they do not reflect

  • the reality, so try to look to give every option a fresh look.

  • That will make you less bias.

  • And if you wanna make a good decision right now, then go ahead and hit that subscribe

  • button.

  • anyways, thanks for watching and I will catch you guys in the next one.

Let me start this video by stating that I have a long history of taking really really

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How I Started Taking Better Decisions

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    Summer posted on 2020/09/12
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