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  • Humans are very complicated creatures, especially that organ inside your head that we call a

  • brain.

  • It's tough to turn it off, and it pushes you to always think about everything.

  • Whenever you see a rich person, your mind immediately asks the question, how did he

  • do it?

  • What did he do to get rich?

  • So when you come across a successful athlete who won multiple trophies, you instantly ask

  • him?

  • How exactly have you been training?

  • What kind of diet do you have?

  • How did you manage to get all of those trophies?

  • Or when you meet a 60-year-old woman who looks like she isn't even 30, you start wondering

  • what kind of skin care products does she use?

  • It might sound, but that's our problem.

  • We are always thinking.

  • We are always asking - how to find a better job, how to start your own business, what

  • books to read, how to find a girlfriend, what to eat to stay healthy!

  • Let me explain.

  • Just think about it.

  • We have a clean, nice, beautiful lake where different kind of fish is swimming.

  • Everything seems perfect, but then suddenly we decide to build a factory right beside

  • the lake so that we have somewhere to throw all the garbage that the factory produces.

  • So what happens Overtime, the lake deteriorates, it gets dirty, the fish starts dying because

  • the lake is getting dryer year after year.

  • Then we realize that we have transformed a lovely peaceful lake into the dirty trash.

  • So what do we do!

  • We have to save the lake!

  • We send experts or the environmentalists to take the proper measures.

  • Clean it from all the dirt that has been generated, do some research and Pour some minerals into

  • it and populate it with new fish!

  • Just imagine, we had an absolutely gorgeous lake with lots of different fine fish and

  • we spent a lot of resources to destroy it, and now we want to spend even more resources

  • to heal it back.

  • Isn't that stupid?

  • That's precisely what we do with ourselves.

  • We always ask - what should we do!

  • When instead we should be asking an utterly opposite question - what we should NOT do!

  • I mean what didn't the rich man do to get rich compared to the poor man!

  • He didn't waste his money on useless crap that he doesn't need.

  • He didn't spend his time watching useless shows and so on.

  • What didn't the old woman do to stay in perfect shape!

  • She didn't eat every crap that looks delicious.

  • She didn't drink soft drinks every single day!

  • Just think about how insane we are.

  • Like literally, we eat burgers, EAT chocolates, drink coca cola and then ask what should we

  • do to have better skin or how to cure diabetes.

  • We smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and then ask how to cure cancer.

  • Exactly as it is in the case of the lake.

  • You had a perfect skin or a healthy body, and you merely shouldn't have done anything

  • about it in the first place.

  • And the worst part of it is that.

  • After filling our brains with all of that garbage, we ask ourselves, what else we can

  • add so that finally we can fix everything!

  • Sometimes people ask me, what should I do to be more productive?

  • To have more time to achieve my goals?

  • And my answer is always simple and easy!

  • Stop doing all the things that don't matter!

  • Stop wasting so much time on social media, stop watching every youtube video that you

  • come across, by the way, that doesn't apply to my channel

  • Just a little disclaimer, I am not claiming that you should not do anything and out of

  • nothing, everything is going to be absolutely glamorous.

  • But rather to avoid multiple problems in our lives, we should cut a lot of things from

  • our life.

  • Hope this video was helpful, thanks for watching and I will catch you in the next one.

Humans are very complicated creatures, especially that organ inside your head that we call a

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Things You Should Stop Doing Now!

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