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  • People often dont realize the importance of questions in their life.

  • Because the questions you are going to ask yourself will determine the kind of person

  • you are going to become.

  • In fact, some questions are so powerful that they can actually change your entirely perception

  • about life and lead you to take absolutely different path that will completely reshape

  • your life.

  • But the problem is that, we got use to ask ourselves difficult questions but are not

  • important such as: How to make more money?

  • How to get people to like you? or is college worth it?

  • Although that these questions seem pretty important but they are absolutely useless

  • because they are simple the consequences of much simpler questions.

  • And as long as you haven't figured out the simple one yet, there is no point to run behind

  • the difficult ones.

  • There is one unique and I would say special question that you should be asking yourself

  • all the time and that's - WHY?

  • Although that this question seems pretty simple, answering it isn't as easy as it seems.

  • In fact, its one of the most important life questions ever.

  • And the clearer and deeper you can answer this question, the easier life is going to

  • get.

  • let's say for example: I want to make a lot of money.

  • So I would ask myself - Why?

  • why would I want to make a lot of money.

  • If you think about it, the answer is obvious.

  • I want to have a lot of fancy things, a better car, nicer clothes, smarter gadgets, bigger

  • house.

  • At this point, we can already conclude that I don't really need the money but what money

  • can actually provide.

  • But we aren't going to stop here, we will keep asking - why - until we get to the root

  • of it.

  • So the following step is - why do I want to have all of this fancy things.

  • My mind is telling, I want people to treat me differently, to respect me, I want to have

  • some kind of authority.

  • Just by asking this question twice, we already have figured out that I am not running behind

  • money, success or the luxury but rather i want respect and authority.

  • lets dig deeper, why do I want respect and power?

  • to attract positive important people into my life and to be loved.

  • Just think about it.

  • We went from wanting a lot of money to the most basic simple human need.

  • Being sarounded by loving important respect people.

  • To love and being loved.

  • The deeper I dig , the better I understand myself.

  • The clearer i can set my priorities and values.

  • So in order for me to be happy, I just need to do something that will make people love

  • me and as a result of that attract positive important people to me, such as being a more

  • useful person.

  • I should try to bring more value to the people around me.

  • But unfortunately the society has led me to think that i should dedicate my life to earning

  • money, regardless of what I want.

  • By the way, you should stop there.

  • You should keep going (asking why) until you get to the root of it.

  • Then only you will understand what you really desire.

  • Otherwise you will be chasing something you dont really want.

  • However, that doesn't mean.

  • I will stop earning money.

  • But rather, I will have a deeper and much more stronger motivation.

  • Because I know that I am not simply trying to make more papers but rather I am trying

  • to achieve something more meaningful.

  • You can spend all of your life going though those papers in the office or flipping burgers

  • in Macdolands.

  • But when you clearly know that WHY behind it, you will do it with stronger motivation

  • and enthusiasm.

People often dont realize the importance of questions in their life.

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