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  • One of the things that we all get frustrated over is repeating the same mistakes over and

  • over. Whenever we step on the same rake, we promise

  • ourselves that this the last time and we will never do it again. The next morning you wake

  • up as if nothing wrong has happened and in a few days, weeks if not hours you find yourself

  • going down that road again. That doesn't happen by chance. There is

  • a reasonable explanation behind it since it happens to every other person.

  • In fact, we are making the same mistakes that we have made for thousands of years and for

  • some weird reason we never learn. So in this video, we are going to do something revolutionary

  • and try to understand that mysterious reason (hopefully).

  • The problem is that we like to think of ourselves as intelligent, logical creatures, but unfortunately,

  • we aren't, because our emotions are dominant when it comes to making decisions.

  • When you are resentful towards your spouse, for example, you remember everything she did

  • to offend you or disappoint you since the day you know each other. On the opposite side,

  • you will only recall nice things about her when you feel loved. Remember the times when

  • you were depressed; you tend to think of just sad things. When you are excited and happy,

  • you think entirely of the good moments, because our emotions are much more powerful than we

  • think. So if you have promised yourself not to use

  • that credit card again, you might very much do it again to indulge yourself if you are

  • feeling sad or depressed. On the other hand, you might overeat candies if you are under

  • stress. Rationally, you shouldn't have ate that

  • since you are overweighted. However, your emotions lead you to take an entirely different

  • action. They key here is obvious, you should never

  • let your emotions get in the way of your logic. It's, by all means, isn't easy especially

  • when you are angry and frustrated. But believe it or not, with some practice it's entirely

  • possible to keep your feelings under control.

  • However, we also repeat the same mistakes because we have done them so many times so

  • that they have become part of our identity and getting rid of them isn't easy.

  • Don't be surprised when you promise yourself not to smoke again but then you end up having

  • that cigar. By our nature we love routines. Because thinking requires much energy, so

  • your brain automates a lot of your daily activities such as every time you wake up, you directly

  • go and brush your teeth. So you grab that cigarette not only because

  • your emotions are pushing you but also because your brain sends a trigger to smoke every

  • time you get out of the house. And getting rid of bad habits or transforming

  • them into good habits is something we have discussed in previews videos which links I

  • will leave in the description.

  • Of course, you should n't focus too much on your past mistakes, because whatever happened

  • has already happened and there is no way you can change that. However, as a wise man once

  • said, don't fall into the same trap twice. So it's important to look back and learn from

  • your mistakes but never get obsessed about them.

  • But instead, do yourself a favor and learn something new that will outshine your mistakes

  • such as this course that will teach you to turn your passion into a sustainable business.

  • I have partnered with Skillshare and created this course for you and guess what, not only

  • that this course is practical and helpful, but rather it's also complete animated like

  • this video. I don't want you to spend your entire life doing one thing and then figuring

  • out that you could have been much more successful if you had followed your passion back then

  • when you were younger. The first 200 people who will use the link

  • in the description will get the course for free!

  • So follow your passion, keep making money and never repeat the same mistakes over and

  • over!

  • Thanks for watching and I will catch you in the next one.

One of the things that we all get frustrated over is repeating the same mistakes over and

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Here is Why You Keep Repeating The Same Mistakes

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