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  • at Reparations Technical Institute.

  • We offer a cornucopia of educational and business opportunities for brothers and sisters to pursue higher learning reform.

  • Liberal brothers brothers joined us in reparations technical institute and learn hatred for the white devil in a relaxed campus atmosphere where classes range from hatred for the white devil to advanced hatred for the white devil and volleyball next.

  • So you think you're all hot tamales right now?

  • I'll tell you what, You come down to the base and understand what's really like to be somebody special.

  • You work hard, you learn.

  • Then you could build refrigerators and such next, taking a vow of celibacy next frees your mind next and your body next Harvard man ended a lot of Ricci people up their shit.

  • I gotta roll up that joint dog.

  • Well, with test scores like these, you can roll up any joint you want.

  • But Harvard gentlemen is not just any joint.

  • It's an institution.

  • All I wanna do is develop my herbal in a real lab and get some head while I'm doing it well, we have the finest botany department in the world and a quality of life like no other music artists and the women.

  • Hmm.

  • So does it sound tempting Ivy League atmosphere?

  • Ah, place.

  • We could really grow academically.

  • Saw fucks with you.

  • Shit, I fucks with you too.

  • Is that good?

  • Yes, That's a yes.

  • Then we'll fox with each other.

  • Yeah, yes.

at Reparations Technical Institute.

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