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  • So what's your take on Bitcoin and the Blockchain?

  • And you use the Blockchain and a lot of what you do.

  • I mean, smart contracts really are the way to create, you know, world's computer and an Internet of value.

  • So I think the business world of the future say, 10 years from now it's gonna run on smart contracts, is gonna run on strong encryption and on, you know, a peer to peer based consensus mechanisms.

  • So the core technologies underlying Blockchain are going to pervade everything, just like the Internet has, just like object oriented software has, right?

  • No.

  • Whether the exact current technologies of Bitcoin and Ethereum and so forth are going to be dominant.

  • I mean, I I don't know fundamentally, it doesn't matter too much.

  • My best guess would be Bitcoin will keep going as a store of value, much like golden silver have, right?

  • I mean, they don't have to.

  • I mean, you could get rid of gold as a store of value, and so what?

  • There's other things to put your money into.

  • But maybe Bitcoin we'll keep going similar to that because there is a community that wants to keep keep buying buying and selling it right, but that so that I mean, that's interesting.

  • If you're an investor and I mean, I own some Bitcoin and ethereum.

  • I'm not selling it.

  • I'm holding it for the long term.

  • But fundamentally, what's more interesting is that the core technologies underlying Bitcoin ethereum, another Blockchain systems.

  • Now I'm in these core technologies, they're gonna pervade everything in business and that that opens up a lot of new potentials.

  • And it opens up new potentials for centralized surveillance in control as well as new potentials for, you know, decentralized a peer to peer networks that that bring a lot of people.

  • And resource is together to achieve valuable goals without any centralized controllers.

  • So they really they opened up a lot of new doors like the Chinese government loves Blockchain, I mean, because it gives an amazing way.

  • Thio, you know, keep records in the trust lis way across a humongous government with seven different layers between the people on the top.

  • Like if if you wanna make sure there's not corruption happening at various intermediate layers of the government, I mean, what better way than have every transaction every government agency does put into, you know what a Blockchain.

  • So they're doing that.

  • I think they do.

  • We are okay.

  • And you like Blockchain for your stuff because it's public.

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, I think for singularity Net, What I want is to have the world's AI developed in a way that is not controlled by any single party.

  • So then anyone creates an A I that can put it out there on the Internet, put it on their own server, put on a server farm, put on their phone, whatever it is, anyone could put their AI out there and then these different a eyes, you know, they can all talk to each other.

  • They can outsource work to each other.

  • They can share data.

  • If someone needs some ai task done, they can put a request into this period, appear ai network and find someone who could do what they want.

  • But there doesn't need to be on Amazon or Google or Tencent or any central controller.

  • Super super wien ing over any more than there's a central control over over every computer in the Internet, right there isn't.

  • So that's singularity.

  • Net platform enables this sort of decentralized AI network and Blockchain is a key part of the infrastructure that allows that because Blockchain allows a bunch of participants in the network to make decisions about operations in the network like there's a certain transaction, valid or not is a certain person who they say they are.

  • It allows the community of participants in the network to decide that in a communal way based on the majority vote, rather than needing like one central controller who validates okay, validity if things happening in the network.

  • My, my, I love my wife.

  • Why I don't want my wife.

So what's your take on Bitcoin and the Blockchain?

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THE FUTURE OF BLOCKCHAIN: How This Technology Will Change The Course Of The World | Dr. Ben Goertzel

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