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  • Is there anything you regret from your bodybuilding career?

  • You know, do you ever think I mean, I wish you would have got the ninth Or I wish just started earlier.

  • Or is there anything when you look back at that body of work that you think about these days?

  • Nothing at all?

  • Because, uh, I used to tell people, you know, I never in a million years would have thought I won one Olympia, let alone eight.

  • Even when I was up there on standing on stage, waiting for my name to be called first, I didn't even think I was gonna win because I have got nice before that the year before that.

  • And, you know, the year before that, you know, I didn't do too much.

  • Too much, too much better.

  • I don't really got in the sport of bodybuilding because God told me to give me a free membership to the gym.

  • Otherwise I would have never got into the sport.

  • You know, it just was never It never was a lifelong dream of mind.

  • There be a bodybuilder, you know?

  • Of course, I've always worked out, You know, I was on the powerless and team in high school, and I worked out each and every single day just about my whole entire life, because that's that's what I wanted to do and that that's what I enjoy doing.

  • But when it came to be being a bodybuilder, I never wanted to be one, because anything I was cut out to be one in the first place.

  • But when the guy told me to give me a free membership then, uh, they changed When people give you stuff free that you normally have to pay for And like you said, you didn't place very good in the early years.

  • I mean, at one point, you wanted to quit in those early years, were you thinking, man, I'm never gonna get this.

  • No, no, no.

  • You gotta remember.

  • I worked out for the free membership.

  • Not not not not the place.

  • Good.

  • You know, that was just, you know, just icing on the cake if I place good in the show or something.

  • But of course, I was always trying to be the best that I could be, but, you know, I never thought with a mountain nothing.

  • Because I could say that I never you know, wanted to be a bodybuilder ever my whole life until you know, he told me.

  • Give me a free membership to the gym.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • I could be a body builder for that.

  • No, I never I never done it on my own.

  • I was trying to say my house.

  • My wife.

  • Why don't you want Stop my wife?

Is there anything you regret from your bodybuilding career?

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WHY I HAVE NO REGRETS: "I Never Thought I Would Become 8x Mr. Olympia" | Ronnie Coleman

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